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20 February 2023

Software Developers training keeps code clean

Why Clean Coding is Vital For Software Engineers and Developers.

At JBI Training we work with several international media brands supplying technology training to teams of software engineers & developers.

This article examines why training in clean coding is vital for software engineers and developers at a major UK media company. Part of our series on coding in 2023.

What is Clean coding? the practice of writing code that is easy to understand, maintain, and modify. It involves using consistent and meaningful naming conventions, writing clear and concise comments, and breaking code down into small, manageable functions or classes.

Clean code also adheres to certain principles and guidelines which emphasize things like single responsibility, open/closed principle, and dependency inversion. It also involves avoiding "code smells" or anti-patterns, such as long methods, redundant code, and complicated control structures.

If an organization can get its clean coding right benefits will be noticeable with improved code readability, better collaboration among team members, increased efficiency and productivity, and reduced likelihood of errors or bugs.

Like all technology following clean coding rules and practices will allow software engineers to create code that is easier to maintain, update, and enhance over time, and ultimately provide better results for end-users.

JBI Training helps Build Solid Foundations!

Clean coding can be compared to building solid foundations in construction. Just as a building with a solid foundation is more likely to withstand the test of time and adverse conditions, software built on clean code is more likely to be maintainable, scalable, and adaptable to changing needs over time.

Our training concentrates on ensuring that a solid foundation is built; essential for creating reliable and efficient software. Working on the foundation for a codebase with the principle being that when ‘the code is clean’, it is easier to identify and fix bugs, plus new features can be added without causing problems. Just like a building with a strong foundation can be expanded and remodelled more easily, a software system with a solid foundation can be adapted to meet changing needs more efficiently.

Ongoing Bespoke Training

The knowledge and skills gained with JBI training will allow software engineers and developers working for a major broadcaster to maintain clean code making it easier to read, understand, and modify for the future. This type of training is especially important when working on large, complex projects, as it can be difficult to keep track of everything without clean and well-organized code.

The ongoing training benefits collaboration which is vital In a large organization like a major broadcaster, with multiple teams and engineers working on different parts of a project, the teaching in clean code practices across teams helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and can easily understand each other's code.

With 1.5 billion monthly page views having clean code ensures efficiency as it often involves removing unnecessary code and reducing complexity. leading to faster run times and improved performance. Content is being continually added as projects grow and evolve over time, so clean code makes it easier to add new features and make changes without introducing bugs or unintended consequences.

For a major broadcaster, these benefits can be particularly important given the high stakes and complex nature of the work involved in delivering media content to millions of viewers. By investing in clean coding practices, software engineers can help ensure that their projects are delivered on time, on budget, and with the highest possible level of quality.

Finally writing clean code will result in a front end that demonstrates professionalism and a commitment to quality, which is important for the reputation of the organisation and its developers.

The ongoing training course was developed by JBI training, the expert trainer and in conjunction with the Client team. The client team set objectives of how they wanted to manage the complexities of code, which included reducing the amount of code affected by each design decision.

The course was run remotely course with some of the feedback listed below.

“I really like Jill's presenting/teaching style. She made the course very enjoyable. I like the practical exercises.” - Sandy, Software Engineer (10/10)

“The course content was very well thought out.” -  Darius, Software Engineer (9.2/10)

“The course was very enjoyable and informative, with a lot of supporting documentation for us to take away and continue to read about. Thank you, Jill, look forward to seeing you again soon!” - Corina, Software Engineering Team Lead (9.6/10)

“Jill is a very engaging instructor and makes the topic interesting to learn. I now feel more comfortable writing cleaner code and the naming standards is definitely something I will try to apply every day.” -  Phillipa, Graduate Software Engineer (9.2/10)

“I really enjoyed being on this course, this is the second class I've attended that Jill has presented and she was wonderful. Jill did a great job of making the material interactive and engaging. She is incredibly knowledgeable and really does a great job of passing this knowledge onto others. I've come away from this class feeling really good about being able to apply these skills appropriately and to a good level.” - Adam, New Talent Trainee (10/10)

“Really enjoyed the course this is the second course I have been on led by Jill- and it was great! I was very engaged throughout and I have learned a lot that I will be able to transfer to my current team so thanks Jill :)!” - Lauren, Junior Software Engineer (10/10)

“Practical element was nice - Course instructor was engaging - Course instructor constantly checked in which was great” - Nate, Software Engineer (10/10)

“Great course and materials!” – Bruce, Software Engineer (10/10)

“Jill is very knowledgeable about the subject and put across the material very well. The content was useful, and the exercises were good to go through and get feedback from other teams.” - Agnes, Software Engineer (10/10)

“I've been on another course that Jill teaches and just like this one, she went above and beyond my expectations. The course material she gives is fantastic to keep referring back to. I also like the level of teaching vs practical exercises throughout the course. It really helps embed learning. Jill takes the time to cover things that are on the course is a great detail but also is happy to stay later or side track slightly to briefly cover topics that are needed to better understand a certain topic.” - Becca, Software Engineer (10/10)

“I liked it all - really appreciated the trainer's knowledge and presentation skills, the pace of the course, the practical exercises (even though I felt a bit daunted about this aspect until we got into it), and the topics covered.” - Stephen, Software Engineer (10/10)

“Pace of the course was good, extra support was always offered if needed. Jill explained things really clearly and was able to easily expand in areas where queries were raised. Clear teaching and lots of topic covered. Frequently checked in to gauge knowledge level of group when approaching new topics which was nice.”  - Cyril, Junior Software Engineer (10/10)

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