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Power BI 2023 update

28 February 2023

February 2023 update adds new feature to Power BI

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Mariella (one of our expert trainers) presents this short video with tips and tricks relating to the Power BI  February 2023 update and gives a step by step guide below. 

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In this article we examine the long-awaited feature recently added to Power BI in Microsoft February 2023 update.

Conditional formatting based on string fields.

For some time now we’ve been waiting (and asking for) a particular feature in Power BI and it is finally with us!!

In the previous edition of Power BI, conditional formatting could only be done on numeric fields, but good news! since the February 2023 update, conditional formatting can now be based on a string field (for example a name, a description, a category)

You can access this new capability in the same way other conditional formatting: through the dialog which opens from selecting an option in the formatting pane.

For example, in column charts, you can conditionally format column colours by selecting the FX button in the Columns card of the formatting pane.

In the dialog, select “Rules” through the Format style dropdown, then base these rules on a string field and select a summarization. Before, your summarization options were only numeric – Count and Count (Distinct). Now you’ll see First and Last options as well, which will give you strings to write logic around.

In the example below, we add a simple rule to check that the value of the string is Audio, and if it is, we colour the column red.


Power BI Report Server accent colour update

Have you noticed the change of colours in Power BI?

In Microsoft approach to be more accessible to everybody, including colour impaired users, the yellow theme has been changed to tile.

In Microsoft words: “The new colour improves contrast and increases visibility of the user interface in Power BI, making the experience easier to use and more inclusive.”

What do you think? Do you like it?

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Change in Slicer controls.

Have you noticed that you cannot change the slicer type directly from the visual, as it used to be?

So with the latest version of Power Bi, in order to change a slicer from a list to a dropdown or any other format, you have to access the formatting menu, on the “Visual tab”, open slicer settings, Options, style.

In Selection, just below Options, you will find the possibility to set it as a Single or Multiple selection.




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