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22 July 2019

Using PowerBI To Create Stunning Data Visualizations

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In the modern world, businesses are producing a huge amount of data and are realizing that by tapping into this data they can create actionable insights that will advance their business. One way companies are doing this is by using data visualization tools like PowerBI. PowerBI is a business analytics service developed by Microsoft that allows users to create visualizations from various data sources such as excel, databases, and web services. More and more businesses are under pressure to adapt to new technologies that bring their data to life in order to remain competitive. 

Having a large set of data is great for businesses but it can be incredibly difficult to gain insight into the data without using visualization tools, and many programs built for crunching data, aren’t the best at displaying it. For example, Microsoft Excel is great for doing calculations but lacking when it comes to displaying large data sets in a way that is visually useful. PowerBI allows large sets of data to be visualized by presenting the data in a visually stunning graphical format. By using PowerBI to create maps, charts, and graphs companies can easily see trends in their data, identify patterns, and quickly establish outliers. 

With the rise of Big Data, data visualization is becoming increasingly important for businesses. The human brain is great at quickly identifying patterns in graphical visualizations of data and these patterns can then be used to make business decisions that drive forward the goals of the business. PowerBI is designed to make these patterns easy to identify by using appropriate and clear colors and a clean and simple displays so that the data pops. PowerBI allows users to create stunning visuals and share them with their colleagues across any device. PowerBI also has extensive collaboration tools complete with customizable dashboards and interactive reports that make it great for a dynamic business environment. 

PowerBI has become a popular tool for data analysis because it allows them to create interactive data visualizations from several data sources which provide real-time insights that can be shared across the organization. Because PowerBI is a Microsoft product it has a deep integration with Microsoft Excel which makes it a great choice for companies who are reliant on excel for their data collection and storage but want new ways to bring this data to life. 

How To Switch To PowerBI And How To Train Your Team 

Companies looking to adapt to the age of Big Data will be greatly benefitted by utilizing PowerBI to efficiently manage their data and create stunning visualizations. Taking a training course in PowerBI can help truly unlock the software’s potential so it can be used extensively in their business. PowerBI comes with both basic and advanced features that anyone can learn with the right training. Users can learn how to customize data models, work with advanced visuals, how to create graphs, maps, and charts, how to customize dashboards, and how to use PowerBI for collaboration across the business.

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