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5 August 2019

How and Why Big Companies Train Their Teams Onsite

Many large companies are choosing to train their teams on-site rather than off-site due to the variety of benefits this option offers. When it comes to employee training most companies understand the significant value it offers but don’t consider how to fully optimize the process so that their employees get the most from the experience. For example, employees are more likely to retain information if their training takes place in an environment they are familiar with and feel comfortable in, and this is one of the reasons that on-site training is becoming a popular choice for companies. Let us take a look at some other benefits to on-site training.

Lower Costs

With on-site training, a company can eliminate costs such as renting out a conference room or venue. Catering, equipment hire, and travel expenses are also other areas where costs can be reduced when compared to off-site training. It’s these additional expenses outside of the course price that can really add up and make off-site training expensive, particularly when several staff members need to attend.

Time-Saving and Increased Efficiency

By cutting out travel, you also save time. This is particularly important when a training course is only taking place for a few hours or half the working day. If the training is happening off-site, then the employees will have to spend time travelling from the training location back to the office. With on-site training, the employees can immediately apply their newly learnt skills to the job.


Having the training course on-site also allows companies to train their entire team at once without the worry of needing to split up the team so that there’s always somebody on hand at the office. By hosting your training on-site your employees can gain valuable hands-on experience and also be available to respond to emergencies if they are presented.

Collaborate and Strengthen the Team

By opting for on-site training companies can tailor their training course to best suit their team and business goals. This gives companies the opportunity to take control of their training needs and encourage their teams to collaborate which can help strengthen the team. When team members have shared learning experiences they are better equipped to support their team members and give increased value to the team.


Hosting your teams training on-site gives you more control over the direction and flow of the course. This means companies can customise a course to best suit the needs of their team, making it personalised and beneficial. For example, you may want to introduce your team to a new technology that promises to add value to the business or introduce them to a new programming language that will open the doors for new innovation.

Easier to Organise

Organising training courses can be a difficult task in a busy company, but organising on-site courses is significantly easier than their off-site alternative. When opting for off-site training companies often have to make multiple phone calls or send several emails to organise catering, venue, and equipment, all of which are much easier to navigate at your own facilities.

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