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3 May 2023

Getting Started with AI Builder and Power Automate Desktop: An Introduction and Guide.

Power Automate AI Builder

The need for AI-based workflow automation cannot be understated. Two sterling examples of this technological marvel are AI Builder and Power Automate Desktop.

These essential digital tools can significantly enhance your business applications by integrating artificial intelligence, streamlining workflows, and automating routine tasks.

Through Microsoft’s Power Platform service, AI Builder can develop and train AI models for tasks such as form recognition and document processing. Comparatively, Power Automate Desktop is a desktop automation application renowned for creating seamless flows that interact with applications and web services efficiently.

AI Builder and Power Automate Desktop offer an all-inclusive solution for incorporating AI capabilities into your applications and automating various processes. Using these tools can consequentially diminish the time and resources spent on repetitive tasks, enabling your organisation to direct its focus on other crucial tasks.

Microsoft's AI Builder - What is it?

AI Builder is a jewel from the Microsoft Power Platform crown that allows you to construct and champion AI models to automate activities, from form recognition and object detection to defining prediction models. This service ensures your applications are intelligent and can understand and interpret data effectively.

AI Builder boasts a user-friendly interface resembling a blank canvas, using drag-and-drop functionality that breaks down the intimidating wall of coding. You can leverage pre-existing templates and connectors to build AI models quickly, which can then be applied to other Power Platform entities like Power Apps and Power Automate.

Key Features of AI Builder

  • Form Processing: Capable of extracting data from forms and documents through AI models.
  • Object Detection: Superior at identifying objects within images and videos.
  • Prediction Models: Adept at making accurate predictions based on historical data.

AI Builder has universal applications across several industries. Some applications include automating medical imagery analysis and forecasting patient outcomes in healthcare, document processing automation and fraudulent transaction detection in finance, and enhancing quality control in manufacturing.

In the next section, we will guide you on setting up an environment for constructing and training AI models using AI Builder.

Your First Steps With AI Builder

Getting started with AI Builder requires a proper setup environment, creating a new AI model with AI Builder Studio, training the AI model with sample data, and finally, testing and validating the AI model.

Setting Up an AI Builder Environment

To build and train AI models with AI Builder, first, you will need to establish an AI Builder environment, which requires an active Power Apps or Power Automate plan with AI Builder access.

Once that's taken care of, navigate to the Power Platform Admin Centre, click on 'Environments' on the visible menu, and fill in the required information to create a new environment. Lastly, check the 'AI Builder' box and save your new environment.

Creating a New AI Model With the AI Builder Studio

AI Builder Studio makes it easy to create AI models without coding using its drag-and-drop interface.

You just need to navigate to AI Builder, click "Build", and select the type of model you want to create. A step-by-step wizard guide will take you through setting up your model and the start of building your AI model.

Training an AI Model with Sample Data

Now you can train your AI model using sample data. By doing so, AI Builder can learn from the data, allowing it to make predictions or perform tasks based on whatever input you provide.

To train an AI model with sample data, you just need to follow the simple steps provided in the step-by-step wizard. Configure the training settings and select the columns to use for training to teach your AI model effectively.

Once all steps have been completed, execute the flow and let it run its course. Upon completion, inspect the output location for prediction results.

The Power Couple: AI Builder and Power Automate Desktop

Combining AI Builder and Power Automate Desktop can create automated workflows that effectively save time and boost efficiency in an array of business processes.

For instance, in invoice processing, you can couple AI Builder's form recognition with Power Automate Desktop's automation to extract data and input it into a database efficiently.

In customer service, you can use AI Builder for recognising customer queries and automatically route them to the relevant department using Power Automate Desktop. In scenarios needing fraud detection, you can use AI Builder to recognise fraudulent transactions and Power Automate Desktop to automate the process of flagging and investigating potential fraudulent transactions.

Simply put, the possibilities with AI Builder and Power Automate Desktop are only limited by your imagination!

Embracing the Automation Future: The UK Perspective

Remember, AI Builder and Power Automate Desktop aren't simply tools. They signify a fresh epoch of efficient and systematised business processes. They revolutionise work, automating tasks and integrating intelligent machine learning models capable of pattern recognition, thereby considerably lightening the workload.

By investing in these digital tools today, you'll witness a marked enhancement in your time management and operational effectiveness. Keep in mind, the future progression of your business could very well be influenced by how well you adapt to these technological wonders!

We value the time you've spent reading this guide on AI Builder and Power Automate Desktop, and trust it has provided new insights.

For those unfamiliar with Power Automate, or those seeking to broaden their knowledge, JBI Training offers a comprehensive array of training alternatives tailored to your organisation's needs, both on-site and remote. Considering your specific organisational context, our experienced trainers can craft a programme that aligns perfectly with your unique workflows and operations. Should you be ready to implement Power Automate and empower your team with the necessary skills for success, please contact JBI Training without delay - we're keen to assist!

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