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15 July 2022

International traffic management company receives training in C++

An international traffic management company requested the assistance of JBI to train some employees in the basics of C++.

C++ is being used in the back end by the software engineers at this company to produce large traffic management solutions because programmers can fine-tune their code to directly manipulate the hardware it runs on and it can run in every environment. The traffic management systems include traffic light control systems, complex traffic control, which are created using algorithms that take into account real time data and prediction models. C++ is a useful language to complete these software systems in because of its execution and compilation time, which is much faster than other general purpose languages.  These software are used to control the traffic speed, lanes and environmental protection of the roads. The company also utilises the C++ training to produce system tests and perform code reviews.

The company dictated that they required a 4 day training course to be run virtually over Zoom. JBI Training customised the course to the specifications of their business to run some exercises with real life adaptations. In the brief the company set to JBI, they indicated that the delegates must learn these skills:

  • Introduction to functions and declaring variables
  • Working understanding of iteration and flow of control
  • Utilising pointers and dynamic memory
  • Introduction to Libraries and how to utilise them

7 delegates took part in the training course and were flattering in their feedback for the content and trainer.

“Well organised, well presented and had lots of well-designed exercises and examples, especially with respect to for and while loops. Course instructor was also very friendly and informative.” MB, Embedded software development engineer

“Excellent course developing my understanding in C++. I am looking forward to using the skills learnt in the streams section of the course in my day to day job. The course was well presented and the trainer was incredibly experienced.” BG, Senior Software Engineer

Here is a short video of an exercise on illustrating inheritance and polymorphism in C++ as it would be taught on JBI training's 4 day C++ introduction training course.

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