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23 July 2022

Scandinavian Computer Solutions company outsources Terraform training course to JBI

A Scandinavian IT training and computer solutions company outsourced training requests they received for DevOps tool Terraform to JBI Training. The company was asked by their clients to supply tailor made Terraform training courses but Terraform instructors with real world experience were required in order to add value to an audience that was already using Terraform in anger. The company was unable to source a sufficient instructor and so turned to JBI to ensure that a well-respected, interesting and educational course could be ran.

JBI prioritised that instructors with good interpersonal skills were essential to cope with the communications and cultural challenges. Instructors needed to adapt delivery to suit the local audience yet maintain the core technology skills delivery to ensure technical competence at the end of the course. Sensitivity to local expectations and adaption to suit these expectations, were possible by forward planning, but also “on the fly” as required.

In communication with the client outsourced to JBI, it was specified that they were interested in pivoting from native DevOps to Terraform and therefore required training. Similarly to other DevOps technologies, such as Ansible, Terraform will automate and provision software but the company were interested in using Terraform to automate the infrastructure itself, which only Terraform can accomplish. Furthermore, Terraform is the only tool that is platform agnostic whilst also supporting other services.

JBI supplied an intensive 2 day tailored course to the client, which included labs specified to the day to day usage of Terraform within the company, whilst the course focused on the following features:

  • An overview of Terraforms infrastructure; its creation, replication and potential dismantlement.
  • Connection to cloud services, specifically AWS
  • The usage of Terraform with AWS, including understanding VPCs
  • Finally a working understanding of autoscalling and load balancers

This course was ran remotely at the office of the client, however, other Terraform courses JBI has run throughout the pandemic were all ran virtually on Zoom. The feedback that JBI received from the training course was superb, with many delegates complimentary about the instructor.

“The instructor is very knowledgeable. He was able to explain concepts to a very deep level which made the course very interesting.” MO, Network Infrastructure Engineer

“Pacing, presentation, and the tasks are near-perfect. Doesn't overload you with information and the tasks forces you to use the documentation in a meaningful and realistic way.” KS, Systems Engineer

This video offers a quick overview of the subjects covered on our "Terraform training course". 


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