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C++ advanced training course

10 May 2022

C++ advanced training course supplied to governmental organisation

A governmental organisation received a training course in advanced features of C++ from JBI training. This session followed from a C++ fundamentals course for their software engineers, who are using C++ for test scripting and automation of tasks.

As a back-end coding language, C++ is important to the organisation because it is a high powered object-orientated, which creates fast performing applications and thus is extremely important for the organisation to produce high-performance, fast decision making systems. In the C++ advanced course, the organisation was introduced to standard template libraries, which includes algorithms and containers using templates to produce efficient code base that is reusable. The standard template library will ensure that C++ code runs faster for the organisation and is more manageable.

Another part of the C++ advanced course that the organisation was interested in exploiting was design patterns, which are templates for how to solve a problem that occurs in several different situations. Design patterns are useful as an idea of dealing with problems and are therefore used at the design stage of a product because it brings forethought to issues and solutions that may occur.

In consultation with the instructor and the governmental organisation, JBI training customised the regular C++ advanced training course to provide greater clarity for the delegates. This involved using potential scenarios that delegates would run into on a daily basis, in exercises during the course. The objectives of the course were created to align with the interests as stated above:

  • To understand how to use language features correctly, including conversions, scope and memory management
  • To understand and utilise how templates work with functions
  • To develop an understanding of C++ idioms and design patterns such as singletons and policy-based design
  • To learn standard template library and explore boost libraries

The training course was ran remotely in one of the offices for the organisation and about 5 delegates attended the course. The training course has also ran virtually via Zoom, specifically during COVID lockdowns. The course was a success with many delegates remarking in their feedback about how they enjoyed the content and instructor.

“Great course - instructor was helpful and extremely knowledgeable, and was happy to answer any questions or help with anything if needed. Good pace of moving through material. Overall very helpful for expanding knowledge of C++.” AM, software analyst

“Course content well chosen, and delivered at a good pace and level of complexity. The live examples were excellent for getting a practical understanding of the concepts being taught.” AH, software engineer

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