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1 August 2022

Global financial services company is using Alteryx to transform their tax programme

A global financial services company has requested JBI to run a training course on Alteryx, a computer software used to make data science and analytics easier to use for data workers. Alteryx is a low to no code environment that possesses a graphical interface to enable successful collaboration between data scientists and data workers. This is important for the company because over 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past two years and its increasing exponentially, therefore financial services departments must utilise tools to deal with this.

Alteryx ensures that data can be leveraged consistently to deliver value and transparency whilst only gathering and manipulating it once. This will decrease the cost of delivery to the client and gain a competitive advantage over other businesses by augmenting the speed to deliver new solutions, while increasing connections between services.  

The financial services company is using Alteryx alongside machine learning and AI to reimagine their tax programme, unifying services and building an online cloud based, shared work environment for the company and their clients. In this new platform, Alteryx has been utilised in the data gathering, transformation, and analysis stage. In the data gathering stage, Alteryx will automate the process of filling out and accessing data supplied by the client removing human error and saving the employee time to provide better insights. During the data transformation section stage Alteryx will auto trigger transformations following the data gathering. This involves leveraging AI to do language translation and also manipulate data to show it in US dollars rather than the local currency. Alteryx is also flexible enough to be deployed in tandem with the companies own machine learning system for analysing data and thus enables tax professionals to insert AI into their workflows.

JBI cooperated with the financial services company and the instructor to provide a two day training course that was tailor made for the requirements of the business, which involved dedicated exercises on the day to day usage of Alteryx in the business. To provide a suitable and successful usage of the product following the course, objectives were set for the course:

  • To understand the usage situations and basics of Alteryx
  • To develop a working understanding of data gathering and manipulation using Alteryx
  • Utilising Alteryx to transform the data and revitalise analysis

The Alteryx training course was supplied virtually via Zoom and the feedback returned to JBI following the completion of the course was positive:

“I liked the interactive nature and the fact that there was a slide deck to follow along in case sections were missed. I also liked the fact that there were practical examples to attempt to solidify what had been learnt.” CL, Associate

“Very well structured course agenda. Instructor is very knowledgeable on the topics. Overall content was good. I have gained knowledge on various functionalities of the Alteryx tool some of it basic and some of advanced.” DD, Senior Consultant

For further information on the Alteryx training course, click here

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