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7 May 2022

UK software development company adopting Scrum framework

A large UK software development company took part in a Scrum training course provided by JBI training.

Scrum is a framework that enables teams to have more cohesion and generates greater communication and thus understanding of projects. Scrum provides a structured framework for projects but allows for flexibility for unforeseen difficulties and changes. It is also a lightweight framework which means that its execution can be adjusted based on the companies requirements.

The Scrum framework begins with the product backlog, selected by the product owner, which lists the pieces of work that must be completed. This is followed by the sprint backlog, which is ran by the development team selecting pieces off the list to complete in the current sprint. The selection process for both of these occurs during planning meetings and daily scrum meetings ensures that throughout the process there is organisation and transparency of the projects progress, aligning a team to the goal and developing better connections between the business and development teams. Since the development team are in charge of their own sprint decisions, this also increases motivation, productivity and enjoyment because they are able to take responsibility of their work. Furthermore, these meetings will instantly address challenges and changes, preventing bottlenecks in the development process and producing a seamless flow of higher quality product delivery. Final meetings, following the completion of sprints allow for feedback and continuous improvement within the organisation.

JBI’s Scrum training course is designed to prepare team members to undergo examination for their Scrum certification, whilst also tailoring the training course to the businesses day to day experiences of using Scrum. JBI initiated conversations with the software development company to gain an understanding of the previous experience in Scrum and also to define the specific areas of tailoring required for the maximum learning. These conversations lead to the objectives set for the course:

  • Defining the main principles of Scrum and its framework
  • Understanding the motivations and organisation required to for the planning stages of the Scrum framework
  • Undergoing demonstrations dedicated the businesses practice to further engage and develop the delegates
  • Scrum certification examination preparation

The training course occurred over a full day via Zoom, enabling the 10 delegates to take breaks from the intense sessions. However, previous courses have been ran over shorter periods for more experienced users or for companies with more limited time. The feedback received was excellent, shining a light on the instructor specifically:

“The instructor is well versed in all things Agile and Scrum methodology. She brings an incredible amount of knowledge and experience to these subjects. The instructor was also quite easy to listen to, to engage with and cleared all questions that we had.” PL, senior software engineer

“Very well structured and clear. Also very adaptable to individual requirements.” PW, Product architect

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