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30 April 2022

Major UK security software company is using vue.js as web interface

A major UK security software and hardware company requested a training course on vue.js so that they can use the framework as their web interface.

Vue.js is a framework for JavaScript that is used to build web interfaces and single page applications, as well as both mobile and desktop app development. It is a simple framework, only requiring 18kilobytes to download, with respect to other JavaScript frameworks but is useful when building small but scalable interfaces and applications. Vue.js uses a model-view-view-model (MVVM) architecture which provides an intuitive pattern that both front and back end developers can utilise. The security software company was also interested in using vue.js because of its directives, allowing the company to use the same parts of the HTML for different pages of the website. Furthermore, the company is interested in vue.js due to its fast performance, which is due to it using a virtual DOM (document object model). For a normal DOM, when a user interacts with the web page, objects must reorder, which takes time to render but a virtual DOM takes a copy but figures which elements need changing and so renders faster. Moreover, vue.js is useful to the security company because it can be written in any of HTML, CSS and JavaScript without dividing them into different files, which means that components can be reused for other similar systems and code is much simpler to read. This also means that vue.js is easy to learn because there does not need to be any learning of other tools or languages, which makes vue.js cheaper because no further skills must be taught to the employees beyond the framework.

In cooperation with the security software company, JBI curated a three day training course that was tailored to the web interface that the company was interested in creating. This meant there were demonstrations and exercises specified to the company, which kept the delegates interested and generated greater understanding of the course content. Here is an overview of the course content:

  • Introduction into vue.js and its architecture
  • Understanding and using vue.js components to build simple web project
  • Learning reactive coding to bind data and apply directives
  • Create and use plugins
  • Write end to end tests and unit tests
  • Understand how to deploy the application

There were 5 delegates who joined this course which took place in the offices of the company and they returned very positive feedbacks:

“Like the Vue internals content, as well as covering the fundamentals again. Course was based around practical/workshop style which was very helpful.” RW, security engineer

“Liked the instructor’s teaching style of the fundamentals and the best practices of vue.js were very useful” JR, senior software engineer

For further information on vue.js training course, click here.

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