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7 June 2022

UK bank swap Spring for Spring Boot to build their web apps

A major UK bank requested a Spring Boot Microservices training course from JBI so that they can build a new web application.

The bank previously used the Spring framework alone to create web applications because developers can build loosely coupled modular applications that are good for microservices. However, it requires a lot of knowledge and time to build and deploy the Spring applications, which creates difficulties for new members of the team and is not very productive. Spring Boot improves this by having three features:

  1. Autoconfiguation built-in to Spring Boot means that pre-set dependencies are automatically initialised based on the settings that the bank provides. This is beneficial to the bank because it simplifies the process and removes human error so new members will be able to integrate into the team more easily.
  2. Opinionated approach means that Spring Boot chooses which starter dependencies your project requires and installs the correct packages to run these. This saves time from having to manually set this up and allows for greater efficiency.
  3. Spring Boot also allows standalone applications to run without an external web server by embedding an HTTP server in to the application during the start-up and thus you can start your application on any platform. This is beneficial to the bank because it makes building applications far more convenient to install and deploy.

JBI set up several calls with both the instructor and the bank to design a tailor made course. Given the team already had prior experience with Java and the Spring framework, a more intensive 2 day course was supplied rather than the regular three day training course. This course included the following content:

  • Gain an introduction to Spring Boot Microservices
  • Use Spring Boot infrastructure for developing enterprise-level Java microservices
  • Explore Spring vs. Spring Boot
  • Understand Spring Boot CLI – microservices and cloud 
  • Use it in web development
  • Explore features of spring boot such as data access, testing and security
  • Understand microservices and cloud
  • Configure Spring Beans
  • Gain an introduction to the Java Persistence API
  • Use Spring and NoSQL with MongoDB or Cassandra
  • Try Spring MVC for REST services
  • Apply Aspect-Oriented Programming with Spring
  • Exploit JMS messaging from Spring

The training course took place remotely at the head offices of the bank and positive feedback was returned at the end of the course:

“The course was fast paced and covered a lot of ground in relation to spring. I feel it has covered the areas that we needed and more that we do not need just now, but were useful.” NR, Software engineer

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Spring, Boot and Microservices.

About the author: Craig Hartzel
Craig is a self-confessed geek who loves to play with and write about technology. Craig's especially interested in systems relating to e-commerce, automation, AI and Analytics.

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