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28 July 2023

Leading Bank uses Python to gain a Competitive edge

Python for Data Analytics & Quants offers Bank a winning advantage

Our customer is a multinational universal bank and financial services holding company. Covering the key banking verticals of Commercial, Investment and Corporate, with a global presence and over 150,000 employees this bank believed early in 2020 that tailored automation, AI & Machine Learning support, data analytics and data driven decision engineered by an individual locally at their desktop would quickly and efficiently show a return on any investment. The success of the initial pilot has led to an on-going programme of work extended across multiple sectors, geographies and roles.


JBI was retained to devise and implement a Python based programme that would make Analytics and Machine Learning skills accessible to traders, analysts, sales, senior managers & IT.

The intention was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its employees through.

  • Improved data literacy leading to …
  • Improved efficiency in day-to-day tasks leading to …
  • Increased data led actionable insights leading to …
  • An Increase in the Bank's competitive advantage in a tough marketplace.

A flexible Solution for demanding Audience.

It was clear from the outset that training blocks of consecutive days would not suffice. The audience for this was time-poor and distributed across multiple geographies.  The client required short sharp sessions that taught the concepts and illustrated the application through hands on labs and then released the attendees back to their work.

JBI offered a series of 3.5hr training session scheduled in advance in co-operation with L&D and department heads. Where required this was offered as either virtual, hybrid or in-person led by an Instructor.

3 distinct learning pathways came to be defined.

Profile 1: Senior Managers & Sales

Description: No coding experience, unlikely to be a heavy user of code. Goals are for attendees to understand the basics and be aware of the advantages and limitations of the use of coding. The typical attendee would be senior managers or sales roles.

Training Modules - 3.5hrs each:

  • A Comprehensive Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – Module 1
  • Introduction to Python - Module 1
  • Automating Excel with Python - Module 1
  • Python for Data Analysis - Module 1

Profile 2: Analysts using Excel

Description: Analysts that use a lot of Excel sheets and have an OK understanding of math/stats. Attendees may have a very basic understanding of coding, but probably not any formal training. Goal is to provide the skills to build and tweak code.

Training Modules - 3.5hrs each:

  • Introduction to Python - Module 1 & Module 2
  • Automating Excel with Python - Module 1 & Module 2
  • Python for Data Analysis - Module 1 & Module 2
  • Time Series Forecasting with Python - Module 1
  • Running Python in Excel using xlwings – Module 1

Profile 3 Analysts using Python

Description: Intermediate users competent in the basics of Python. Goal is to introduce these attendees to more advanced approaches, particularly machine learning & natural language processing.

Training Modules - 3.5hrs each:

  • Introduction to Python for Developers - Module 1 & Module 2
  • Machine Learning with Python - Module 1 & Module 2
  • Time Series Forecasting with Python - Module 1 & Module 2
  • Machine Learning with Python - Module 3 & Module 4

Training pathways in context

This diagram shows each training pathway in the context of the wider syllabus

Each of the above modules has detailed course information, available on request from [email protected]


The customer has seen a measureable increase in its staff's data management and literacy through the techniques,  technologies and tools taught over the last 3 years. The flexibility of the programme has served roles as diverse as "Head of Stock Exotics", "Senior Training Officer" & "IT Team Leader".  With over 300 delegates trained JBI and this customer look forward to the next iteration of this programme and harnessing the opportunitites that AI & ML can offer the financial sector.

Python and JBI Training

Python is becoming increasingly important in the financial industry. It's a powerful  language  that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including data analysis, machine learning, and web development.

Our Python courses have been running since the early 2000's. Currently our most in-demand content includes Python for Data Analysts & Quants & Python Machine Learning. Both are designed to teach your employees the skills they need to be successful in the digital age. We cover everything from the basics of Python syntax to advanced topics like data visualization and machine learning.

In addition to Python, we also offer courses on data analysis. These courses teach your employees how to collect, clean, and analyze data. They also learn how to use data to make better decisions.

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