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JBI Trainings partners with Bliss-Systems to provide intensive customized .NET MAUI training, upskilling their development team to rapidly build multi-platform apps and improve delivery velocity on client projects.

6 October 2023

Customised .NET Training in Maui Accelerates Delivery for Software Developers

A major software developer, a renowned provider of bespoke Microsoft .NET solutions, was facing a challenge keeping pace with client demands while mastering rapid technology shifts. To empower their developers and improve project velocity, they partnered with JBI Training for an intensive 3-day .NET upskilling program in Maui.


The company has built a stellar reputation creating tailored Microsoft .NET systems for diverse industry clients. Their expert team specializes in .NET, SQL Server, Azure, and related web, cloud, desktop, and mobile technologies.

However, they struggled to leverage the latest .NET advances while ensuring reliable delivery. They needed to skill up their developers on emerging tools like .NET MAUI, but couldn't sacrifice client project timelines.

Moreover, generalized training programs didn't provide the focused learning their specialists required. With tailored .NET solutions as their core competency, the company decided to invest in intensive customised training.


By engaging JBI Trainings, they aimed to:

  • Get developers up to speed on .NET MAUI rapidly
  • Apply learning directly to real-world projects
  • Boost quality and velocity of client deliverables
  • Reduce ramp up time on new .NET releases
  • Future-proof skills by expanding .NET expertise

With JBI's targeted training, the team of software developers could continue delighting clients with top-notch .NET solutions. Their developers would master the latest .NET tools to create even more value.

Training Delivery

JBI Trainings worked closely alongside the client to deeply understand their tech stack, projects, and team skills. Instead of an off-the-shelf course, JBI crafted a highly customized 3-day intensive bootcamp in Maui.

The structured curriculum aligned tightly to the Software development companies needs:

Day 1 - .NET MAUI Fundamentals

  • .NET MAUI architecture and concepts
  • Comparison to prior frameworks like Xamarin
  • Hands-on labs: Creating multi-platform apps with .NET MAUI

Day 2 - Blazor and ASP.NET Core

  • Full-stack web development with Blazor and Entity Framework Core
  • Consuming and creating RESTful web APIs
  • Implementing security, authentication, and data models

Day 3 - Cloud Integration

  • Azure hosting, deployment, and DevOps
  • Microservices, containers, and Kubernetes
  • CICD pipelines and GitHub workflows

Small breakout groups and paired programming exercises reinforced the training. Participants appreciated the tangible examples and coding samples drawn directly from the' technology stack.

Throughout the sessions, developers got hands-on practice applying the concepts to real-world requirements. The expert JBI trainer fielded in-depth questions and provided tips optimised for ongoing projects.


The software development team called the 3 days in Maui "time well spent" that equipped them with skills to deliver higher-quality work. The training perfectly fit their needs by focusing on Blazor, MAUI, ASP.NET Core, microservices, containers, Azure, and more.

Immediate feedback included:

  • "I liked that it was tailored to our needs (Blazor MAUI) so we can apply what we learned to real life requirements."
  • "Time well spent resolving queries and explaining things in more depth. Exercises worked well to cement knowledge."
  • "Great course content, really well delivered. Code examples in slides very helpful."

The targeted knowledge transfer reduced the companies onboarding and upskilling time. Developers could immediately apply the fresh .NET MAUI skills to current projects. They also gained durable expertise in Blazor, ASP.NET Core, Azure, and modern architectures to improve future work.

The principal benefits for were:

  • Accelerated productivity and velocity on client projects
  • Mastery of .NET MAUI for delivering multi-platform apps
  • Enhanced skills in Blazor, ASP.NET Core, Azure, containers
  • Increased developer satisfaction and retention
  • Shorter ramp up on new .NET releases
  • Expanded technical capabilities to take on more ambitious projects

The intensive bootcamp perfectly met the software developer teams goals. Their developers are now equipped to leverage .NET's full potential while rapidly learning upcoming innovations.

This case study demonstrates JBI Trainings' ability to deliver high-impact results through tailored training. The deep focus on the software companies' exact needs, projects, tools and team enabled transformative skills growth in just 3 days.

Let JBI Training design a customised intensive program for your development team!

Based on the resounding success of the intensive .NET MAUI bootcamp, the client is exploring additional JBI Trainings programs to further enhance their capabilities.

Upcoming areas of interest include:

  • Kubernetes: Containers, microservices, and orchestration to scale cloud deployments.
  • Azure Cloud: App hosting, serverless functions, load balancing, and maximizing the Azure platform.
  • Microservices: Decomposing monoliths into independent containerized services.
  • .NET: Mastering end-to-end .NET ecosystem including ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, and LINQ.
  • Terraform: Infrastructure-as-code for provisioning and managing cloud resources.
  • AI/ML: Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to boost insights.

JBI Training delivers highly targeted bootcamps customised to each client's specific environment and goals. Whether upskilling developers, migrating architectures, or optimizing cloud utilization, JBI can design an intensive program tailored to your team's needs.


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