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Custom Threat Modeling Training Strengthens Defenses at Public Broadcaster

9 October 2023

Custom Threat Modeling Training Strengthens Defenses at Public Broadcaster

A major UK public broadcaster has built an extensive in-house technology team numbering several hundred. This group develops the public-facing websites, mobile apps, online video platforms, and internal systems that enable the broadcaster to inform, educate, and entertain millions worldwide.

With massive reach comes great responsibility to safeguard user data and ensure service continuity. To bolster its cybersecurity defenses, the broadcaster's technical leadership partnered with JBI for an intensive 2-day customised threat modeling training bootcamp.

The Challenge

The broadcaster's external-facing properties like news and TV catch-up sites face threats from bad actors worldwide. Meanwhile, internal tools contain sensitive employee and customer data attractive to criminals.

The technology team builds systems resilient to outages and demand spikes. However, their rapid iteration on public sites and internal platforms posed security risks. Developers lacked consistency in how they evaluated and addressed vulnerabilities.

The broadcaster needed to adopt standardized threat modeling practices across its hundreds of technologists. But generic training failed to provide suitable context aligned with their stack and use cases.

Customised Training Approach

JBI collaborated closely with broadcaster leadership to deeply understand their environment, codebase and team skills. They designed an intensive 2-day bootcamp focused on immediately transferable threat modeling knowledge.

JBI's expert instructor guided participants through:

  • Threat modeling fundamentals and key methodologies like STRIDE and DREAD
  • Identifying assets, entry points, security controls and mitigations
  • Generating threat lists based on data flows and trust boundaries
  • Prioritizing threats using risk analysis frameworks
  • Creating mitigation strategies tailored to system architectures
  • Integrating threat modeling into agile development lifecycles

Each module featured hands-on labs based on real-world examples drawn from the broadcaster's stack. Breakout rooms enabled collaborative analysis and mitigation planning for sample vulnerabilities.

The curriculum balancing concepts with concrete application equipped attendees to apply threat modeling to current projects. Participants praised the tailored focus and expert instructor able to answer system-specific questions.

Strengthened Security Posture

Feedback from attendees highlighted how much they learned in just 2 days:

  • "Very good course. Packed a lot in to two days, but has left me with a very good overview in what is required for producing threat models."
  • "It was really good to have labs following each topic discussion. That helped me to have a much better handle of the topic."

By partnering with JBI, the broadcaster enhanced protections for its millions of viewers worldwide. Developers are already applying threat modeling learnings to secure public websites and internal platforms.

The customized bootcamp delivered immediate results by aligning tightly with the broadcaster's stack, use cases and skills needs. Attendees emerged better equipped to identify and address platform vulnerabilities.

This case study demonstrates JBI's proven approach helping technical organizations strengthen defenses through targeted training. JBI built another success story by deeply understanding the client's environment before designing high-impact, context-specific instruction.

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