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Custom Python Training Empowers Risk Analysts at Leading Financial Group

10 October 2023

Custom Python Training Empowers Risk Analysts at Leading Financial Group

A large multinational banking and financial services group needed to equip its risk analysis team with advanced data science skills. To meet this need, they partnered with JBI for an intensive bootcamp focused on practical Python proficiency.

The Challenge: Evolving Risk Analysis Requirements

The risk analysis group at the financial services firm assesses exposures across complex global markets and portfolios. Their models quantify probabilities, simulate scenarios, and identify strategies to mitigate risk.

However, legacy workflows relied heavily on Excel and statistical packages. With growing data volumes and analysis complexity, these tools hampered productivity and insights.

To enhance analysis capabilities, the team sought to adopt Python's extensive data science and visualization libraries. But most lacked hands-on Python experience beyond basic scripting.

Delivering Contextual Training

JBI worked closely with team leaders to deeply understand the group's workflow, analysis techniques, and skill gaps. JBI then developed a 5-day comprehensive Python bootcamp sharply focused on practical risk analytics.

The hands-on curriculum covered:

  • Python fundamentals: Syntax, data structures, OOP
  • Core libraries: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib
  • Data analysis workflows: Manipulation, visualization, modeling
  • Statistical analysis and machine learning applications
  • Developing reusable tools and custom modules

Each module featured labs and exercises modeled on real risk analysis challenges. Attendees gained experience building scripts, dashboards, and models directly applicable to their work.

By balancing concepts with tangible examples, the training enabled rapid skills application. Participants appreciated the focus on practical utilization rather than abstract theory.

Accelerating Productivity and Insights

Feedback from the risk analysis team highlighted the immediate dividends from upskilling in Python:

  • "The hands-on examples and labs provided the applied Python proficiency I can use day-to-day."
  • "The pandas and matplotlib crash course was extremely helpful. I can now manipulate and visualize our data much faster."
  • "Great real-world examples of statistical analysis and machine learning techniques."

Equipped with new Python expertise, the risk analysts rapidly accelerated reporting, visualization, and models. By learning directly applicable skills, they enhanced productivity and insights.

The targeted training delivered swift results by aligning tightly with the team's environment and goals. Participants emerged ready to harness Python's capabilities for their complex modeling and analysis needs.

This case study demonstrates JBI's proven approach helping teams unlock new potential through focused training attuned to their technical landscape. JBI built another success story by deeply understanding needs before designing high-impact instruction.

Let JBI provide your team with intensive customised training tailored to their goals!

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