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Powering up Productivity: How Power BI Transformed Reporting at a Property Investment company

12 October 2023

Powering up Productivity: How Power BI Transformed Reporting at a Property Investment company


A leading London-based property investment and development group, sought to empower its finance team by upgrading their data analysis capabilities. With over 1 million square feet of prime real estate assets and an ambitious growth strategy, the need for accurate, timely reporting was paramount. However, their current processes using Excel and PowerPoint were inefficient and limiting. "We knew our financial insights could be much sharper to drive decision making," recalls CFO J.S., "but we lacked the tools to get there."

To evolve their analytics, Property Investments turned to Power BI training from JBI. Their immersive 3-day course quickly leveled up the team's skills to maximize the platform's versatility. The training combined interactive tutorials with hands-on exercises using the company's own data to ground learning. Participants were impressed by the instructor's enthused delivery and attentive support. "You could tell he really knew his stuff," said analyst Emma. "We felt comfortable asking questions and learned so much."

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New Horizons in Analytics

Following the training, the company reporting capabilities expanded enormously. Power BI's user-friendly drag-and-drop interface enabled the finance team to easily construct sophisticated data models, pulling from diverse sources like CSV files, SQL databases, and online applications. "We can now integrate all our rent rolls, operating costs, and revenues to get a comprehensive picture," explains Emma. Interactive dashboards deliver real-time insights through dynamic charts, graphs, and custom visuals.

Advanced formatting options have also enhanced the professionalism and impact of reports. "Our executive presentations have gone to the next level - stakeholders are always impressed," Emma adds. Reporting processes that once took days can now be completed with a few clicks. This speed and flexibility has proven invaluable during budget forecasting and portfolio analysis. As John puts it, "We used to be restricted by our tools - now we can ask any question of our data and immediately get answers."

Unexpected Levity

While the training unlocked game-changing benefits, it wasn't without lighthearted moments. On the second day, while practicing formatting options, Emma accidentally activated the unicorn theme! Formulas columns were suddenly flanked by rainbow charts while pivot tables featured mystical backgrounds. "We were expecting to see Excel but got My Little Pony instead!" she laughs.

After a good chuckle (and saving a few screenshots for posterity), Emma eventually figured out how to restore the standard setting. This humorous glitch highlighted Power BI's extensive customization options while injecting some fun into the intense training. It also reinforced how becoming proficient requires fearlessly experimenting and tinkering. "I'm not afraid to just try things and see what happens," says Emma. "That's how we unlock Power BI's capabilities."

The Road Ahead

The future looks bright for Property Investments as Power BI unlocks data insights to maximize strategic decisions and performance. Ongoing JBI training courses will level up skills even further, while expanding adoption across the organization. Already, collaborating via the Power BI Service is facilitating analysis across departments, locations, and partners.

John concludes, "We're just beginning to tap into Power BI's potential to speed our workflows and analytics. It's already become an indispensable tool - I can't imagine operating without it." For organizations seeking to upgrade reporting, boost productivity, and realize strategic goals, Power BI delivers transformative possibilities. With the right training and expertise, the sky's the limit.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Power BI training from JBI empowered Property Investments' finance team with data analytics capabilities to maximize strategic decision making.
  • Interactive tutorials using the company's own data grounded the learning experience.
  • Sophisticated data models and drag-and-drop dashboards now deliver real-time, holistic financial insights.
  • Advanced formatting elevated the professionalism and impact of executive reports and presentations.
  • Processes that once took days can now be completed in clicks, unlocking huge time savings.
  • Becoming proficient required fearlessly tinkering and experimenting during the intensive training.
  • Ongoing JBI courses and wider organizational adoption will continue maximizing Power BI's potential.


Additional Feedback

"The instructor made complex Power BI features feel manageable. His patience and step-by-step guidance enabled me to apply new skills right away." - Sarah, Financial Analyst

"I appreciated how the training was customized to our business needs, not just generic concepts. The hands-on approach made the lessons stick." - Mike , Accounting Manager

"Learning alongside my team enabled us to collaborate better and align on best practices. We're already achieving more together." - Kevin , VP of Finance

"Even when I felt overwhelmed, the instructor reassured that growing pains are part of the process. His tips on organizing and iterative design were invaluable." - Lisa, Data Analyst

Suggested Follow-Up Courses

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