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Accelerating Application Deployment with Kubernetes Training

17 October 2023

Accelerating Application Deployment with Kubernetes Training

The Challenge: Modernizing Legacy Infrastructure

A software company based in London, relied on legacy on-premises infrastructure to manage their critical applications. However, their monolithic architecture was proving inadequate - deployment processes were slow and error-prone, scaling was difficult, and there was tight coupling between components. To remain competitive, the company. needed to modernize their infrastructure.

Kubernetes presented an ideal solution. As an open-source container orchestration system, Kubernetes enables automating deployment, scaling and operations of containerized applications. However, adopting this technology required upskilling the software development teams. They chose to partner with JBI Training, experts in Kubernetes instruction.

The Solution: Comprehensive Kubernetes Training

JBI Training tailored a 3-day Kubernetes course to equip  developers with the skills needed to transform their infrastructure.

The training began by introducing core Kubernetes concepts like pods, services, deployments and namespaces. Hands-on labs gave learners experience with Kubernetes primitives by having them containerise applications and define pod configurations.

Next, the instructor covered managing application deployments using controllers, volumes, config maps and secrets. Learners practiced performing rolling updates, creating deployments using YAML files, and injecting configuration data into pods.

Monitoring, observability and troubleshooting skills were built by examining logs, metrics, and requests tracing. The instructor guided the class through diagnosing issues in a sample problematic deployment by inspecting logs and events.

The final module focused on managing complex applications with Helm, StatefulSets, DaemonSets and Operators. Learners created Helm charts to define, install and upgrade applications on their Kubernetes cluster.

Throughout the training, learners performed hands-on labs to reinforce their skills:

Lab virtual services - Service Mesh with Istio - KodeKloud - DevOps  Learning Community

The instructor introduced real-world examples and tips that went beyond the core content, arming learners with practical knowledge. Discussions were encouraged to exchange experiences and collaborate on solving deployment challenges.

The Results: Faster Deployment and Innovation

The Kubernetes training empowered the software’s development teams to adopt and leverage containers, accelerating their modernization efforts.

Engineers gained hands-on experience with Kubernetes, equipping them to quickly containerize applications using best practices. Instead of brittle servers running single applications, their infrastructure now relies on resilient containerized microservices that can easily be updated and reconfigured.

Deployments are faster and more reliable using Kubernetes automation. New application versions can be rolled out with zero downtime, and autoscaling accommodates fluctuating demands. Development velocity has increased substantially.

Access to Kubernetes also enabled innovation - teams can now easily experiment with new technologies like service meshes and serverless functions. Adopting Kubernetes provided a strategic platform for Acme Co. to deliver value faster through cloud-native development.

As one learner commented:

“Great instructor. Has very deep knowledge of Kubernetes. Course was excellent and instructor really re-enforced learning with exercises and additional information.”

The comprehensive training content combined with the instructor’s extensive Kubernetes expertise drove successful outcomes for Acme Co. Their development teams are now skilled containerisation practitioners equipped to build robust, scalable applications.


With Kubernetes adoption growing exponentially, containerization skills are becoming mandatory for modern developers. By investing in expert training from JBI, Acme Co. empowered their teams with these essential capabilities.

The hands-on, real-world instruction successfully onboarded their engineers onto Kubernetes, enabling Acme Co. to transform their legacy infrastructure. They can now deliver value faster by taking full advantage of containers and cloud-native architectures. JBI’s Kubernetes training unlocked critical upskilling that will fuel the company's innovation and competitiveness.

JBI Training offers comprehensive courses in all the latest technologies taught by industry experts. These courses can help further enhance the skills gained from the Kubernetes training.

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