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Powering Insights: How JBI Training Unlocked a Weather Data Team’s Analytics Potential with Power BI

19 October 2023

Powering Insights: How JBI Training Unlocked a Weather Data Team’s Analytics Potential with Power BI


A company collects and analyzes weather data from around the world to identify patterns and trends for government agencies and private-sector clients. While the company had assembled a skilled team of meteorologists and data analysts, they struggled to derive meaningful insights from their massive datasets using their outdated analytics systems.

The company turned to a leading technology training provider to upskill their analytics team on Microsoft Power BI. The training provider delivered an immersive 3-day course focused on real-world data analysis applications tailored to the company's needs.

The focused Power BI training enabled the data team to tap into the full potential of their data. With the training provider’s expert guidance, the team gained hands-on experience with Power BI while learning to apply its advanced analytics capabilities to weather forecasting and climate modeling.

Training Structure

The 3-day Power BI course balanced interactive lectures with hands-on exercises analyzing real-world weather datasets. The small class size ensured personalized attention from the expert trainer, while the varied learning activities kept the pace engaging.

Key training modules included:

  • Power BI Essentials: The interface, tools, and techniques for developing reports and dashboards.
  • Data Wrangling: Shaping, cleaning, and transforming data for analysis.
  • Visualizations: Choosing effective charts, maps, and graphics to reveal insights.
  • Advanced Analytics: Forecasting, regressions, clustering, and machine learning.
  • Dashboards and Sharing: Designing interactive reports and publishing for collaboration.

Hands-on Exercises

During the training, participants completed group exercises analyzing real weather data with Power BI. For example, they used the following steps to compare temperature trends across seasons:

  1. Imported climate data from multiple locations.
  2. Cleaned and transformed the data into a usable form.
  3. Created line charts plotting average monthly temperatures.
  4. Added reference lines indicating season thresholds.
  5. Generated a summary table calculating seasonal temperature changes.
  6. Published this analysis as a sharable report.

This exercise gave analysts hands-on experience with key Power BI capabilities while producing practical insights into weather patterns. Participants applied similar data wrangling and visualization techniques throughout the training.

Solved: Seasonality chart showing 5 year average - Microsoft Fabric  Community


The focused Power BI training delivered immediate benefits for the company's data analysts and broader organization:

  • Analysts gained proficiency in Power BI to fully utilize its capabilities for data transformations, visualizations, forecasting, and AI insights.
  • The team can now produce rich interactive reports that bring weather insights to life in a visual format for stakeholders.
  • By publishing reports and dashboards, the team has made their weather data analysis collaborative across the organization.
  • Weather data analytics and modeling processes are now far more efficient and productive.
  • Power BI's ease of use empowers more team members to conduct their own analyses without being dependent on IT or individual experts.
  • Management has greater visibility into weather patterns and trends to inform strategic decisions and operations.

By unlocking the potential of their weather data, the skills gained from training have been transformative for the company's analytics team. The focused instruction, expert guidance, and practical activities delivered skills they could immediately apply to deliver more impactful data insights.



The 3-day Power BI training course provided a strong foundation in core concepts and hands-on skills that our data analysts can directly apply in their roles. The instructor's industry expertise and the practical exercises using real-world weather data gave the team the confidence to start utilizing Power BI for impactful data insights.

Participants appreciated the small class size and individualized coaching from the instructor. The hands-on activities balanced with lectures kept the training engaging and effective.

The team is now keen to build on these fundamentals by diving deeper into Power BI's advanced capabilities. With the core skills mastered, they are motivated to take their Power BI analytics to the next level.

Suggested Follow-Up Training

To fully capitalize on the potential of Power BI, we recommend the following specialized courses to take the team's skills to the next level:

With this tailored curriculum, our team can continue building their Power BI expertise to become advanced data analytics specialists over the coming months. The additional training will expand their capability to deliver actionable insights that empower data-driven decision making across the organisation.

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