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Boosting Productivity and Collaboration with Typescript Training

26 October 2023

Boosting Productivity and Collaboration with Typescript Training

A Top UK University prides itself on being at the cutting edge of technology research and instruction.

As a leading UK university, it attracts exceptional students and faculty pushing boundaries across many fields. The computer science department, in particular, has an outstanding reputation for pioneering innovations in software engineering and development.

One key area of focus is equipping students with in-demand programming skills that translate directly into industry careers. That's why the department recently partnered with premier tech training firm JBI to provide an intensive 5-day Typescript training program. Typescript adds typing and other enhancements to JavaScript to improve large-scale development. This makes it a valuable skill for maximizing productivity and collaboration in real-world software teams.

JBI tailored the training curriculum specifically for the university's needs, blending lectures, hands-on exercises, and scenario-based learning. A senior JBI trainer with deep Typescript expertise led the sessions. Drawing on experience training professional developers at top tech firms, he skillfully adapted his approach for the mix of novice and experienced student participants.

The course provided a comprehensive introduction to Typescript, explaining the "why" behind its design and how to leverage its capabilities most effectively. Students came away with a solid grasp of Typescript's typing system, classes, interfaces, generics, and other features for large-scale JavaScript application development.

Each part of the curriculum built incrementally on previous sections, methodically developing competency. The instructor encouraged questions and discussions to ensure students internalised the material, not just memorized syntax. Challenging exercises throughout put new skills directly into practice.

For example, one exercise had students refactor JavaScript code into Typescript to see firsthand how typing eliminates bugs and improves maintainability. Another had them build out class hierarchies and interfaces to reinforce object-oriented principles. These practical applications yielded valuable feedback for continuously fine-tuning instruction.

By the end, participants were blown away by their progress in just 5 days. The training exceeded expectations for even experienced students, with one commenting "This was comprehensive and challenging which was excellent." Another said succinctly "The best IT course and training I’ve ever undertaken."

The knowledge gained is already paying dividends back in the department's software projects, equipped with robust Typescript skills. One student reported "I can now take this training and build my knowledge." The uniformity also eases collaboration, as everyone shares the same vocabulary and approaches.

According to one student, "There were different levels of experience and knowledge across those who took part – a point for us really, but may have been worth splitting the group by experience/knowledge to work at the right pace for each." While a valid observation, the mixed grouping also enabled mentoring opportunities and built camaraderie.

In survey feedback, the instructor earned unanimous top scores for his presentation, knowledge, and ability to personalize content effectively. Comments included "Very comprehensive training, covering all the content in detail breaking the sections down and explaining everything clearly," and "Instructor very good presentation skills and excellent knowledge in the subject being taught."

The only critique was around pacing and timing of the intensive program. Some felt that spreading the training over more days would allow more time to absorb information and work on exercises. However, others appreciated the quick immersion that packed a lot of content into 5 days.

Overall, the Typescript training was resoundingly declared a huge success by students and staff. It leveled up coding skills and enabled the computer science department to deliver more ambitious software projects. Ongoing application of these new capabilities will undoubtedly lead to impactful innovations. The experience also cemented the value of partnering with top-tier training providers like JBI that understand Top institutions needs.

Expanded Technology Training Curriculum

At JBI Training, we were thrilled by the success of our initial Typescript program at the University. The outstanding feedback shows the impact targeted skills bootcamps can have on equipping students for software engineering excellence.

We are excited to build on this partnership by proposing an expanded training curriculum covering today's most in-demand platforms and tools:


A 5-day immersive training on building complex UIs in React. Students will learn core concepts like components, props, state, routing, and hooks for developing reactive web apps.


A 3-day hands-on course on utilizing Docker for containerization and DevOps workflows. Exercises will focus on image building, multi-container apps, Kubernetes orchestration, and CI/CD pipelines.

React Native

A 5-day bootcamp guiding students through mobile development with React Native. App design, Cross-platform UI, navigation, device API access, and publishing to app stores will all be covered in depth.


A 4-day Amazon Web Services course covering core services like EC2, S3, DynamoDB, and serverless infrastructure. Students will get hands-on experience provisioning cloud resources and deploying applications.


A 3-day .NET crash course teaching C# and .NET for building cross-platform apps. REST APIs, Entity Framework, ASP.NET Core, and Windows app development will all be addressed.


A 2-day data visualization workshop leveraging Tableau for interactive reports and dashboards. Real-world data sets will drive insights through charts, filters, calculated fields, and parameters.


A 4-day introduction to statistical analysis in R. Students will become proficient in data wrangling, visualisation, modeling, and other core R programming techniques.

JBI will assemble top trainers with both industry expertise and proven teaching ability to lead each course. Drawing on experience customising curriculum for the university's Typescript program, we will work closely with the university to tailor content and exercises for maximum relevance.

We are confident this skills expansion will continue to empower the students for impactful software innovations. Please let us know if you have any other questions! We look forward to growing our partnership.

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