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Power Up Your Power BI Dashboards with the Power of AI

27 October 2023

Power Up Your Power BI Dashboards with the Power of AI

Business intelligence is becoming smarter and more powerful than ever thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this post, we'll explore how you can harness the power of AI to supercharge your Power BI dashboards and reports. Integrating AI capabilities into Power BI unlocks a wealth of benefits, from automated insights to improved forecasting and beyond. Taken from JBI Training's Power BI and AI training courses. 

Let's dive in!

Getting Started with AI in Power BI

Power BI already contains some built-in AI-powered features such as Key Influencers that detect relationships in your data. However, to really unlock advanced AI capabilities, we need to connect Power BI to Azure Cognitive Services.

Cognitive Services in Power BI - Visual BI Solutions

Azure Cognitive Services offer pre-built AI algorithms for vision, speech, language, knowledge, and search. There are specific cognitive services tailored for Power BI integration. Here are some key ones to enable:

  • Text Analytics API - Extract information and insights from unstructured text
  • Anomaly Detector API - Detect anomalies in time series data
  • Q&A Maker API - Create a natural language Q&A bot for your reports
  • Content Moderator API - Moderate user-generated content like reviews or comments

To add these cognitive services, go to the Power BI portal online and navigate to Manage > Admin portal. Under AI, click "Add AI Insights" and select the desired cognitive services from the list. Authenticate with your Azure account. The APIs are now ready to use!

Enhancing Reports with AI Insights

Let's look at some practical examples of how to leverage cognitive services to create more intelligent Power BI reports.

Sentiment Analysis

The Text Analytics API makes it easy to gauge sentiment from qualitative feedback and reviews.

Sentiment Analysis | Comprehensive Beginners Guide | Thematic | Thematic

Simply connect it to a text column, and it will return the detected sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) for each row. These sentiments can then be visualized in charts and graphs to monitor trends.

This enables insightful analysis of customer satisfaction surveys, social media comments, support tickets, and more.

Anomaly Detection

The Anomaly Detector API automatically spots anomalies in time series data based on expected patterns.

Introducing Azure Anomaly Detector API - Microsoft Community Hub

When connected to a time series, it flags any outliers or unexpected spikes. This makes it easy to visualize and pinpoint anomalies for investigation.

Useful for monitoring IoT sensor data, server metrics, or financial KPIs. Automatically highlight significant deviations from the norm.

Intelligent Forecasting

Azure Machine Learning integrates seamlessly with Power BI to improve forecasting accuracy.

Characteristics of a business-friendly AI forecasting tool | Anaplan

Machine learning forecasting models account for non-linear trends, seasonality, and autocorrelation in time series data. This leads to more robust and reliable forecasts vs traditional methods.

Boost revenue projections, demand planning, budget forecasting and other predictive analytics with machine learning.

Natural Language Q&A

The Q&A Maker API creates a conversational bot that allows users to query your reports using natural language.

Heighten Data Literacy with the Power BI Natural Language Q&A Visual -  DataVeld

Users can ask questions in everyday language, and it will return the most relevant visualizations and insights.

Make dashboards interactive and engaging while delivering insights through casual conversation.

Tips for Advanced AI Integrations

Here are some additional tips when enhancing Power BI with cognitive services:

  • Clean and prepare data - AI algorithms perform best on clean, complete data. Remove errors, fill gaps, standardize formats.
  • Enrich data with additional columns using data from cognitive services APIs. New data unlocks new insights.
  • Iteratively improve AI models by retraining them on new data. Power BI integrates seamlessly with Azure ML Studio for model management.
  • Combine multiple cognitive services for more comprehensive intelligence. For example, use text analytics and anomaly detection together.
  • Focus on high-value use cases where AI can drive real business impact, such as improving critical forecasts or conversions.
  • Start small, scale up - You can test cognitive services with a Power BI free trial before committing to a full integration.

The Future is AI-Powered

AI is transforming BI by boosting automation, insight discovery, prediction capabilities and more. Integrating Azure Cognitive Services can make Power BI dashboards smarter and more actionable.

We've only scratched the surface of the possibilities here. For more guidance on upgrading dashboards with AI or learning data science skills, check out the courses available from JBI Trainings. The future of business intelligence is cognitive - power up your analytics today!

JBI Training works with some of the world's leading tech experts to deliver comprehensive hands-on training across in-demand skills like Python, Power BI, and AI/Machine Learning. Their expert-led courses help professionals and organizations unlock the full potential of these transformative technologies.

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These targeted courses help unlock the potential of Python, Power BI, and other leading technologies to boost your organization's analytics capabilities and competitiveness. Learn from JBI's hands-on experts!

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