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Unlocking the Power of Data with Pentaho with JBI Training

2 November 2023

Unlocking the Power of Data with Pentaho with JBI Training

A global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation. With over 325,000 employees in more than 50 countries, that helps companies leverage technology to achieve strategic goals. As data volumes grew exponentially in recent years, The company saw an opportunity to extract more value from this abundant asset. They turned to the open source Pentaho platform to equip their data engineers and consultants with the skills needed to unlock deeper insights.

The Challenge: Managing Massive Growth in Data

Across industries from financial services to telecom to public sector, The companies clients were amassing vast datastores. Unstructured data like documents, emails, social media posts were flooding in from new sources. The potential for deriving strategic value was immense, but first this firehose of data needed organizing. Tried and true BI tools were buckling under the strain. So the company concluded  the need for a modern, scaleable solution that could handle diverse data and make it actionable for clients.

The Solution: Open Source Flexibility

After assessing the market landscape, they selected Pentaho as their strategic data integration and analytics platform. Backed by Hitachi Vantara, Pentaho offered an enterprise-ready solution. But it was the open source foundation that provided key advantages:

  • Flexibility: Engineers could extend capabilities by modifying source code
  • Accessibility: Drastically lower licensing costs than proprietary systems
  • Innovation: Vibrant community and rapid release cycles

With Pentaho and Pentaho Training, The company could deliver cutting-edge data solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

Implementing a Comprehensive Training Program

To leverage Pentaho effectively across client engagements, thorough training was required. The large muti-national partnered with JBI Training, renowned experts in analytics, big data, and business intelligence.

"Our goal was to enable data engineers, ETL developers, and consultants to gain practical skills on the Pentaho platform," said Frank Dosset, Training Manager. "We needed both technical depth and hands-on workshops to transfer knowledge effectively."

JBI Training delivered a comprehensive curriculum spanning:

  • Pentaho Data Integration (PDI): Extract, transform, and load data using this powerful ETL tool
  • Pentaho Analytics: Perform reporting, visualization, and predictive analysis
  • Pentaho Metadata: Improve flexibility by creating semantic layers
  • Pentaho Administration: Configure security, Backup recovery, and system monitoring

Sessions combined lectures, demos, and labs focused on real-world use cases. Attendees completed the training proficient with Pentaho and prepared to deliver impactful data projects.

Transforming Client Engagements

Equipped with new skills, the multinational unleashed the power of Pentaho through client work:

Financial Services Client
  • Integrated 30+ disjointed data sources into a unified platform
  • Automated reporting for investment analytics and decision-making
  • Reduced risk through greater transparency and control
Telco Client
  • Created a single view of customer data across business units
  • Identified revenue leakage areas with cross-channel analysis
  • Launched personalized promotions resulting in 15% sales lift
Public Sector Client
  • Centralized data from hospitals and clinics across the region
  • Optimized resource allocation and policy decisions through interactive dashboards
  • Improved patient outcomes through data-driven programs

The Impact: Competitive Advantage with Data

The Pentaho training engagement equipped Capgemini with world-class data skills unlocking tremendous value for clients.

Rolling out the curriculum to hundreds of practitioners ensured consistent delivery of quality data solutions. Custom extensions enabled highly tailored offerings matching client needs. Tight integration with cloud, AI, and IoT services in Capgemini’s portfolio brought powerful combinations.

Most importantly, deep data expertise across the firm became a key competitive advantage. Capgemini could partner with clients at a more strategic level to leverage data for transformative outcomes. Their mantra “Fundamentally changing the way you do business” rang true.

Looking Ahead

As data volumes and sources continue proliferating, Capgemini is positioned to help clients capitalize on the opportunity. With Pentaho, they now have a battle-tested platform and skilled workforce. The training investment will pay dividends for years to come through client work aimed at making data a potent, actionable asset.

The Importance of Specialized Training

While online courses provide convenient overviews, complex enterprise technologies require immersive training for real mastery. Specialised providers like JBI offer vital benefits:

  • Expert instructors - JBI's trainers have deep experience implementing the technologies they teach.
  • Hands-on labs - JBI focuses on practical exercises to build real job skills.
  • Latest content - JBI constantly updates their courses to cover newest features.
  • Customizability - JBI tailors curriculum to a company's specific needs and use cases.
  • Cohesive program - JBI maps out training as a progression focused on business goals.
  • Mentorship - JBI provides continued support and guidance after training ends.

For technologies central to a company's operations, quality training is an investment that pays long-term dividends through more impactful deployments. Providers like JBI give companies the specialized skills and guidance necessary to fully leverage these critical data platforms.

Recommended Follow-On Trainings

  • AWS Big Data - Learn to leverage AWS services like S3, Glue, Athena for scalable data pipelines and analytics.
  • Databricks - Master this popular platform for data engineering, data science, and ML built on Apache Spark.
  • Kafka - Implement real-time streaming data pipelines using this popular open source technology.
  • TensorFlow - Ramp up on machine learning by mastering this leading open source library.
  • Azure ML - Build and deploy ML models using Microsoft's robust cloud offering.
  • DataOps - Learn processes and tools to improve collaboration and automation around data.

With JBI's real-world training approach across the latest data technologies, the company will continue developing the advanced skills needed to drive value from data.

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