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Improving System Administration Skills with Targeted Linux Training

8 November 2023

Improving System Administration Skills with Targeted Linux Training


As a leading international broadcaster based in London, having a team of highly skilled system administrators and engineers is critical for maintaining complex IT infrastructure and delivering high-quality broadcast services. To enhance the Linux expertise of their tech team, the broadcaster turned to JBI Training, a renowned technology training company. Over two years, JBI Training delivered customised on-site and remote Linux training to upskill the broadcaster's teams of system admins and engineers. The Linux training provided in-depth knowledge on Linux administration, scripting, security, troubleshooting, and more. Participants gained hands-on experience through labs and projects tailored to the broadcaster's environment. The training received outstanding feedback, with participants rating the overall course, instructor, presentation, content, and structure very highly. Ongoing engagements with JBI Training have expanded to other key technology areas like Python, preparing the broadcaster's team to meet future needs.


With Linux being central to many critical systems, the international broadcaster needed to ensure its system administrators and engineers were skilled in managing Linux infrastructure, services, and applications. However, finding the time for professional development can be difficult with busy schedules. The broadcaster needed high-quality Linux training that was:

  • Comprehensive - Covering Linux administration, scripting, security, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Relevant - Tailored to the broadcaster's specific systems and use cases
  • Engaging - Using hands-on labs, projects, and interactive delivery
  • Flexible - Available on-site or remotely to fit schedules
  • Expert-led - Delivered by instructors with deep real-world expertise

Without relevant training, there was a risk of knowledge gaps or lack of efficiency managing Linux environments. Staying on outdated systems could also pose security and reliability risks.


The broadcaster aimed to provide its system administrators and engineers with Linux training that would:

  • Expand knowledge of Linux administration best practices
  • Improve skills in Bash scripting, automation, and troubleshooting
  • Increase familiarity with Linux-based applications and services
  • Bolster capability to handle Linux security and optimization
  • Tailor content to the broadcaster's specific environment and needs
  • Prepare the team to adopt new Linux tools and distros
  • Setup the broader IT team for success with Linux-related projects

By investing in its team's Linux expertise, the broadcaster sought to gain technical capabilities and confidence to take on more ambitious Linux-based initiatives.


To provide its system administrators and engineers with comprehensive Linux training tailored to their needs, the international broadcaster brought in experts from JBI Training. A trusted technology training provider, JBI Training collaborated closely with the broadcaster to understand their environment, challenges, and goals.

JBI Training then developed a structured yet flexible multi-day Linux course equipping participants with both foundational knowledge and hands-on skills. Delivered by a renowned Linux trainer with deep real-world expertise, each session blended lecture, demos, labs, and projects. Courses took place on-site at the broadcaster's London headquarters or remotely via Teams/Zoom to accommodate varied schedules.

Course content was adapted over multiple deliveries based on participant feedback to focus on the most relevant topics. The training covered:

  • Linux fundamentals - Architecture, distros, CLI/GUI, processes, filesystems, users, groups
  • Administration - Installation, package management, systemd, network config, SSH, firewalls
  • Scripting - Shell scripting, automation with Bash, tools like Awk and Sed
  • Security - User access, permissions, SELinux, system hardening, OpenSCAP
  • Troubleshooting - Logs, commands, memory, disk usage, boot issues, backups
  • Optimization - Performance tuning, caching, load balancing
  • Tools - Customization of popular tools like Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Postfix, Docker

The instructor incorporated real examples, issues, and use cases directly from the broadcaster to maximize relevance. In labs and projects, participants worked directly in the broadcaster's Linux environment to reinforce skills. Additional resources like cheat sheets, videos, and quick references were provided for ongoing learning.


The Linux training delivered by JBI Training upskilled the international broadcaster's system administration and engineering team with knowledge and hands-on experience tailored to their technical environment.

Specific results included:

  • Increased competence in managing complex Linux-based systems
  • Improved efficiency through enhanced scripting and automation capabilities
  • Reduced downtime via better troubleshooting skills
  • Heightened security posture through Linux hardening expertise
  • Ability to support business growth using scalable Linux infrastructure
  • Greater confidence adopting new Linux tools, upgrades, and distros
  • Overall team preparedness to take on strategic Linux-related projects

Beyond technical skills, participants benefited from the instructor's real-world insights and high-quality delivery format. The training received outstanding feedback, with average scores above 8/10 on relevance, content, instructor expertise, and overall experience.

Ongoing Training

Based on the success of the Linux engagement, the international broadcaster continues to partner with JBI Training to build out technical capabilities in other key areas like:

  • Python - Courses on Python fundamentals, scripting, and popular frameworks like Django and Flask
  • React - Front-end development with React hooks, Redux, testing, and React Native mobile development
  • Kubernetes - Container orchestration on Kubernetes including architecture, deployment, security, troubleshooting
  • Agile - Training on Agile principles, frameworks, and practices to accelerate delivery
  • Rust - New systems programming language for high-performance, safe software

JBI Training's mix of public and private courses gives the broadcaster's team access to broad, in-demand skills with the ability to customize experiences. Participants appreciate JBI's knowledgeable instructors, well-structured content, and engaging delivery.

By investing in ongoing training from JBI Training, the international broadcaster continues developing the world-class technical talent needed to drive its future growth and success.

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