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Upskilling Software Engineers in Typescript to Power a 10Gbps Network

14 November 2023

Upskilling Software Engineers in Typescript to Power a 10Gbps Network

As a leading technology training provider in London for over 25 years, JBI Training has stayed at the forefront of new and emerging technologies. We aim to equip software engineers and developers with the most in-demand and cutting-edge skills to thrive in today’s digital landscape. Recently, we partnered with a major UK internet service provider to upskill their software engineering team in Typescript through a comprehensive 3-day Typescript training program.

Typescript has rapidly grown as the language of choice for large-scale JavaScript applications thanks to its optional typing, enhanced tooling, and simplified troubleshooting. As our client expands their fibre broadband network to reach speeds up to 10Gbps, their need for robust and scalable software aligned perfectly with the benefits of Typescript. By enrolling their developers in our expert-led Typescript course, they invested in empowering their team to build the stable web apps and services that will serve as the backbone of the company’s ambitious network goals.

Course Overview

Delivered by our highly experienced instructor Matt, our intensive 3-day Typescript training combined lectures, demos, labs, and discussions to fully immerse learners in real-world usage and best practices. Matt introduced the core concepts of Typescript with a focus on its typing system, classes, interfaces, generics and modules. Through annotated code examples and hands-on exercises, he demonstrated how Typescript’s static type checking and object-oriented features can optimize development workflows compared to vanilla JavaScript.

Learners gained firsthand experience incrementally converting JavaScript code to Typescript to see the immediate benefits in terms of bug detection, editor tooling, and design-time feedback. Matt  also covered advanced topics like asynchronous programming, the different compile targets, and integrating with build tools like Webpack. Throughout the training, he emphasized how Typescript allows developers to leverage their existing OOP skills while seamlessly integrating with existing JS projects and libraries.

To reinforce learning, Matt led the team through building real-world applications with React, Angular, and Node.js. These labs challenged learners to make practical use of Typescript’s abilities like interfaces, generics, enums, and modules to improve application architecture. Mateusz reviewed code submissions and provided individual feedback to help polish understanding. By training’s end, the team walked away fully equipped to migrate their company’s codebase to Typescript and hit the ground running on new projects.

Participant Feedback

Across the board, the response to the Typescript course was overwhelmingly positive. On a scale of 1 to 10, participants gave an average rating of 9.3 for overall impression, 10 for the instructor, 9.3 for presentation, 10 for content, and 8.7 for structure.

Regarding Matt, feedback included "Amazing, engaging and very knowledgeable," "Made the sessions fun and interesting," and "Covered some pretty heavy and complex logic without making us feel uncomfortable asking questions." His balance of lectures, examples, and labs made the intensive course content feel approachable.

Participants also appreciated the real-world focus and practical tools provided. One noted, "We're left with very good examples and use cases that will serve as a reference in our day to day job." Another said the course gave them "exercises to practice that aligned with what we wanted our developers to learn."

Suggestions for improvement included spending more time solidifying understanding before advancing to new topics and extending the course by a day or two to allow for further practice. Some felt the breadth of material covered was challenging to fully absorb in just 3 days.

Overall, the training undeniably levelled up the software engineering team's Typescript skillset and built enthusiasm to adopt it on current and upcoming projects. One learner summed it up saying, "I guess my only issue was that 3 days was too short to cover and practice it all, but we're left with very good examples and use cases."


From the positive feedback and engagement witnessed firsthand, our Typescript training successfully equipped the client's developers to utilize Typescript's many benefits in their day-to-day work. Learners walked away with the confidence to migrate existing systems to Typescript as well as architect new applications leveraging its capabilities for scalability, stability, and maintainability.

The practical focus enabled the team to hit the ground running applying Typescript across the company's web architecture. By investing in upskilling their engineers with the most relevant and empowering technologies, our client continues laying the foundation for delivering on their ambitious network expansion goals. Their trust in our real-world, expert-led training proves JBI's commitment to fully preparing teams for the technologies powering the future of business.

Follow-Up Training Recommendations:

After completing JBI Training's intensive 3-day Typescript course, we recommend the software engineering team continue honing their skills with these follow-up courses:

  • React with Typescript - Take their Typescript knowledge to the next level by learning how to build scalable React apps and UI components powered by Typescript.
  • Automated Testing with Jest - Complement their Typescript abilities by learning effective testing approaches like unit, integration, and snapshot testing with the popular Jest framework.
  • Node.js with Typescript - Learn how to build robust and scalable server-side apps by leveraging Typescript for Node.js backends and APIs.
  • Design Patterns in Typescript - Expand their OOP understanding by diving into implementing core design patterns like Factory, Observer, Singleton, etc. in Typescript.
  • TypeScript for Scale and Performance - Take a deep dive into optimizing large codebases for maximum scalability and performance using Typescript's capabilities.

With these targeted follow-on courses, developers can continue their Typescript journey and solidify their skills building the high-performance and secure web apps necessary for delivering a world-class 10Gbps fibre broadband experience.

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