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Empowering Enterprise Workflows with Power Automate A Case Study on JBI Training's Comprehensive Course

21 November 2023

Empowering Enterprise Workflows with Power Automate A Case Study on JBI Training's Comprehensive Course

A Case Study on JBI Training's Comprehensive Course

Executive Summary

JBI Training, a leading technology training provider based in London, recently conducted a Microsoft Power Automate 2-day public training course. Attended by professionals from various large enterprises, the intensive workshop provided attendees with an in-depth overview of Power Automate's features for building automated workflows to improve productivity.

Over the action-packed training, participants gained hands-on experience with Power Automate while creating solutions for real-world business scenarios. By the end, learners were equipped to build robust process automation across teams and systems within their organizations. This case study analyses the training flow, content, and outcomes, along with recommendations for JBI Training to further enrich its Power Automate course.

About JBI Training

Founded in 1995, JB International (JBI Training) is a premier technology training company headquartered in London. With a rich legacy of over 25 years, JBI Training boasts unparalleled expertise in emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, analytics, DevOps, and cybersecurity. Its elite clientele includes leading corporations across the UK and worldwide.

True to its heritage of specializing in cutting-edge domains, JBI Training became one of the first providers to offer comprehensive training on Power Automate. Its 3-day immersive workshop on the technology was designed to help enterprise professionals maximize their productivity using process automation.

The Challenge: Streamlining Fragmented Business Processes

As per Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index report, employees are spending increasing amounts of time in work meetings rather than focused individual work. This fragmentation leads to decreased productivity and disjointed business processes across teams. Power Automate provides a solution through seamless automation and integration of legacy as well as modern workloads.

However, many enterprise professionals lack the skills to build and scale automated solutions using the platform. Bridging this skills gap with comprehensive training helps organizations optimize their workflows, boost productivity, and unlock innovation.

The Training Methodology: Interactive, Hands-On Learning

JBI Training's 2-day Power Automate course was structured for maximum interactivity to promote experiential learning. Run in a number of sessions the class usually doesn't have more than 6 delegates so the training is maximised with a course run 2 or 3 times a month. The professionals are usually individuals from large enterprises looking to acquire in-demand skills to automate processes in their organisations.

The training combined lectures, demonstrations, whiteboarding sessions, and hands-on labs. Over half the course duration was dedicated to practical exercises for attendees to upskill through active experimentation. Learners had access to a personalized cloud-hosted lab environment preconfigured by JBI Training.

Key topics covered included:

  • Power Automate fundamentals and interface
  • Connectors for workflow triggers
  • Building flows across modern and legacy workloads
  • Advanced flow construction techniques
  • Error handling and troubleshooting
  • Administrative features to manage automation at scale
  • Integrating flows with other Microsoft 365 workloads

The course progressed smoothly from basics to advanced concepts based on the highly experienced instructor’s intuitive delivery style. Learners could clarity doubts through interactions during and after class. At the end, a constructive feedback session allowed participants to share perspectives on their learning experience.

Business Impact: Smoother Cross-Team Collaboration

By training end-users to build automated workflows, JBI Training empowered enterprises to boost productivity and group synergy. Participants left equipped to model real-world processes into efficient flows comprising modern systems like Teams, SharePoint as well legacy platforms.

They gained hands-on mastery over Power Automate’s rich palette of triggers and actions to rapidly turn manual tasks into automated programs. Immersive exposure to the platform’s robust enterprise-grade capabilities gave them the confidence to scale automation across business units.

Through class interactions and labs, professionals internalized best practices around optimal flow construction, error handling, and debugging. They learned to manage governance using Power Automate’s administrative controls like role-based access and usage insights.

Equipped with modular building blocks to standardize automation, participants can streamline cross-departmental handovers for smoother coordination. Automating repetitive tasks also allows them to unlock innovation cycles and focus on higher-value work.

Overall, the course enabled enterprises to harness process automation for enhanced productivity, innovation velocity, and future-readiness. Employees across business units can seamlessly integrate legacy systems with modern tools for synchronized workflows. The result is higher group productivity through reduced delays, frictionless handovers, and leaner processes.

Recommendations: Expanding Advanced Capability Building

JBI Training's comprehensive Power Automate course delivered immense value by empowering enterprises with future-ready skills for automation-driven growth. For deeper capability building across Stark Industries, the following recommendations can be explored:

  1. Multi-day follow-up courses to build richer solutions: A 2-day training allows learners to achieve basic proficiency. Additional sessions focused on complex real-life scenarios will enrich skills.
  2. Training focused on specific roles: Dedicated courses could be conducted for common enterprise roles like Sales, Finance, Marketing etc. This will accelerate their automation maturity.
  3. Sessions on integrated Microsoft 365 automation: Dedicated courses should cover automating workflows across Microsoft 365's ecosystem including Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, and Azure using Power Automate.
  4. Private courses run for teams, with the option to customise the training. 
  5. Learner community and support: Build online community cohorts across trained employees so they can share Power Automate solutions, best practices, and experiences. Also provide access to expert instructor support.

In conclusion, JBI Training's intensive course provided enterprise professionals a firm base to kickstart their automation journeys using Power Automate. As one of the first providers with specialist capabilities on this technology, JBI Training is ideally positioned to further scale skills across organizations to drive productivity and innovation cycles. The recommendations outlined can help achieve workplace transformation powered by intelligent automation.


Building on the Power Automate techniques covered in this training, JBI offers focused courses on related Microsoft Power Platform technologies:

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Attending these courses in succession enables organizations to unlock the full potential of Microsoft’s Power Platform while aligning to their digital transformation strategies.

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