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 Scrum Training | The framework for success

15 November 2017

Scrum Training London | The framework for success

Scrum is one of the most popular frameworks for implementing agile development, and many people are doing a scrum course to understand how to best use this framework. It was created by Jeff Sutherland in 1993, receiving its name due to an analogy that compared high performing cross functional teams, to a scrum in rugby. The scrum framework has several unique roles and features:

Product and Sprint Backlog

The product backlog is essentially a prioritised list of tasks that need to be completed. Whereas the sprint backlog are the tasks from the product backlog that have been chosen by the development team to complete during the next sprint.

Scrum Master

The scrum master is the leader of the team, in charge of keeping the team focussed on their goal, and removing any distractions or obstacles that will slow down their work.

And it follows three main steps:

1. Sprint Planning

his is the stage where the team reviews the product backlog and chooses the tasks which they will complete in the sprint.

2. Sprint

The sprint is usually a 2-4 week period in which the development team will spend implementing the tasks on the sprint backlog. During this time, the scrum master must do their best to ensure everything goes smoothly. The team should also meet up each day in a Daily Scrum to assess their progress and make necessary adjustments. At the end of the sprint, the team will have a potentially shippable product, that can function as required.

3. Sprint Review and Retrospective

During this stage, the team will review the product and their teamwork throughout the sprint and agree on changes to ensure the next sprint runs more smoothly.

Once the review and retrospective have been completed, the team will start the process over again, choosing the next tasks that are highest up on the product backlist to complete in the next sprint. Over many iterations, the product should be able to satisfy all the requirements of the client.

The scrum framework makes it possible for businesses to efficiently develop software solutions that will cater to the needs on the client, using the agile approach. As a result, the scrum process ensures a competitive advantage, as made evident by the many Fortune 500 companies that use scrum.

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