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Python Course | The Rise of Online Coding Course

5 December 2017

Python Course | The Rise of  Coding Courses

Having the ability to code is a greatly desired skill in the 21st century, with the rise of technology and the industries it has changed and created. As this skill becomes more desired, online coding classes are becoming vastly more popular, with those new to programming opting for a gateway into the industry such as a beginners python course, and developers looking to improve their skills with a secure coding course, or a python for developers course. These course range from free/low-cost programs, to certificates and full degrees offered by colleges and universities. When looking into taking an online coding class, it is important that you choose the type of course which will suit your specific needs.

Free online courses

The increased relevance for coding has resulted in a greater prevalence of free online coding classes. These free classes are perfect for beginners looking to obtain basic skills, and can be a great starting point for those wishing to change careers, as a free online course can be completed before transitioning into a paid course. This will allow beginners to grasp the basics, before learning more advanced skills and possibly even acquiring a certification. Furthermore, developers looking to become proficient in a new programming language may use a free online course to grasp the basic structure of that language’s syntax.

Programs that cost

Often times, a paid course will result in more interaction with an instructor to guide you through the course, and will also cover more advanced skills than a free course. Paid online courses will often provide a free trial or introductory lesson before requiring payment to continue. This is a great way to test out the course and see if it suits your needs. Paid courses often use a rewards system where learners will receive points or badges in recognition of their progress.

Certificate and degree programs

If you are looking for something more structured and widely recognised, a certificate or degree program may be the best fit. These types of courses are often developed by a tertiary institution and will follow a curriculum that is meant to prepare you for a job in the field. Gaining certification from an online degree is also very cost effective when compared to the price of attending a university/college.

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