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16 January 2018

Data Analytics Courses - the sky's the limit

Big data is a big deal. The huge volume of data generated over just the last decade far exceeds the entire accumulated human data so far. Moreover, estimates predict that digital data will reach 40 zettabytes (40 trillion gigabytes) by the end of 2020; that’s a 50-fold growth.
However, what makes it a really big deal is not the just the amount of data - it’s the ability to actually do something with it.
And here we come upon a truly big problem in data analysis: after having harnessed the hardware required for storing and managing the data, data analytics professionals still have to sift through the material in order to extract and present meaningful insight for the business and its customers.
A survey found recently that 40 percent of the companies surveyed were struggling to attract and retain data analytics personnel. And the situation is expected to become even worse. In the US alone, estimates predict a shortage of 181,000 people with deep analytical skills, to say nothing of enormous number of people needed for data management and interpretation. 
Businesses and companies are hunting qualified people by various ways and means:


University data analytics courses and data science programs do not generate enough graduates to meet the growing demand, therefore companies have started to groom students through internships and programs.

Establishing career paths

People who have studied python for data analysis, for example, or people who went through an advanced python course, will still require some time in order to adjust and learn the company culture. Establishing a meaningful and rewarding career path is an excellent way to attract new talent.

Developing from within

Rather than recruit talent from elsewhere. Some companies have established internal data analytics courses, thus providing opportunity to work on-site within the framework of the business itself.
Split roles: redefine the data scientist role. This involves usually both analysing and managing data. 

To summarise

Data talents are on track to be the most sought-after professionals. Learning python for data analysis, and taking an advanced python course, could give one an edge in the recruiting process.

If you're interested in Machine Learning, data science or Artificial Intelligence, taking python data analytics training courses are the most important step you can take. Despite all the additional aspects to consider, having that knowledge and those skills will get you started in the new world of big data.

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