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4 ways to find the right data analytics training course

24 January 2018

4 steps to pinpoint the right data analytics training course for you

The big data explosion of recent years has been followed by a boom in data analytics training courses. whether Analytics Master’s Degree, software courses like python training course and python for data analysis, workshops or online tutorials - the abundance of courses makes the task of choosing the appropriate program much more difficult.

How to go about choosing the right training?

Step No. 1: “know thyself”!

Test yourself to see whether you have the aptitude for data analytics. You will not enjoy dealing with data if you don't have the inclination.

Step No 2: Decide what you want to do

What job do you set your sights on? Do you wish to become a data analyst? Or are you a business professional looking to use analytics in your day to day work? Are you looking towards a career change to analytics?

Step No 3: Identify the skills you need, based on what you want to do

The skills needed for business professionals are different from those of a data scientist. Data scientists need higher technical skills. Among the key analytics skills used by data analyst we can find:
·   Analytical Skills - these skills refer to the ability to gather, view and analyze all forms of information in details. They also mean the ability to view a challenge or situation from different perspectives.
·   Mathematical Skills -  which include a wide range of abilities like: Good knowledge of figures and numbers and their relationships, ability to Interpret mathematical information, having the ability to organize information, having the ability to schedule or budget, be conversant with trends, knowing how to measure and analyze data, being able to work with graphical information, possessing calculation skills
·   Technical and computer skills - Good computer and technical skills are among the most important data analytics skills. A basic knowledge of statistics. Familiarity with some scripting language, like Python for data analysis, querying Language (SQL), Spreadsheet (Excel) and statistical Language (SAS, R, SPSS). Knowledge of programming (Javascript, XML) and big data tools never hurt anyone.
·   Attention to details - the ability to pay attention to details, thus allowing a data analyst find and see initially unseen details and links.
·   Business Skills - You also need to possess a certain business acumen in order to function well as a data analyst. decision-making and problem-solving skills; the ability to acquire knowledge on technological developments; communication skills; time management and organization skills.

Step No 4:

Choose the most appropriate data analytics training option - based on the skills gap you’ve identified.

Be sure to address the gaps you have identified with the courses you choose to take.
Needless to say, not all the offerings are the same. If you are looking to apply analytics to solve business problem, make sure the programs include:
·         Hands-on data analytics training
·         Python for data analysis
·         Focus on solving real business problem,
·         Access to analytics experts,
·   The option to work on a real time project with a client, so you know how to apply what you have learnt.

This information is true whether you're studying on your own or as part of a data team in a company.
In fact, if you're a team leader, CIO or CEO - this is something you should be pushing your team to be learning. With JBI Training this is much easier to do - we provide onsite training for you and your staff of all the courses we offer including, but not limited to, data analytics courses, python data science, power BI, AI, ML, cloud and much more. All structured so that the team will be able to implement what they've learnt right away.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are based on data - big data; help your team learn and understand how to analyse and use that data for your company will sky-rocket. 

Please get in touch or browse the website for useful information regarding Data Analytics and Data Science training courses

About the author: Craig Hartzel
Craig is a self-confessed geek who loves to play with and write about technology. Craig's especially interested in systems relating to e-commerce, automation, AI and Analytics.

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