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Microsoft Business Intelligence 2012 training course

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JBI training course London UK

"Our tailored course provided a well rounded introduction and also covered some intermediate level topics that we needed to know. Clive gave us some best practice ideas and tips to take away. Fast paced but the instructor never lost any of the delegates"

Brian Leek, Data Analyst, May 2022

JBI training course London UK

  1. Manually design reports in Reporting Services, and get the most out of the automated wizard.
  2. Report against both relational and OLAP databases.
  3. Deploy and administer reports.
  4. Set up report subscriptions and control report security.
  5. Use Reporting Services to display cubes.
  6. A thorough understanding of the need for data warehouses and OLAP.
  7. A practical understanding of how to build star schemas and multidimensional cubes in Analysis Services.
  8. Practical skills in the use of Integration Services to transform data into star schemas and cubes.

Course Detail


SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services (2 days, Monday/Tuesday)


Reporting Services (SSRS)
Report Server
Report Designer
Report Builder 3
Report Manager

Designing reports – fundamentals

Report Wizard
Report Designer
Report Builder 3
Tablixes (tables and matrixes)
SQL relational reports
MDX Multidimensional cube reports
Using report templates
Previewing reports
Deploying reports to Report Manager

Designing reports – further techniques

Formatting (including dates and currency)
Using expressions
Conditional formatting (and green-band reporting)
KPIs for SSRS (and data bars)
Grouping and drill-down
Totals and running totals
Charts and guages
Parameterised SQL reports
Parameterised MDX reports
DAX Reports

Multiple reports

Drill-down, drill-through, and drill-across
Jump reports
Linked reports

Alternative visualisation

Exporting reports to Excel and PDF
Report Viewer and creating a customised intranet site


Configuration Manager
Report Manager
Caching reports
Report snapshots
Report subscriptions (emailing reports)

SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services (2 days, Wednesday/Thursday)


Business Intelligence overview
Analysis Services (SSAS) Multidimensional and Tabular mode
Review of third normal form and relational OLTP databases
Introduction to relational star schemas
Introduction to multidimensional cubes
Introduction to SSAS tabular models
Building dimension tables
Building fact tables
Building cubes in BIDS/SSDT
Developing an Integration Services ETL package

Dimension design

Attribute hierarchies
User hierarchies and drill-down
Attribute relationships
Key collections
Parent-child dimensions

Cube design

Calculations and named sets (using MDX expressions)
KPIs (using MDX)
Actions (drill-through and reporting)
Partitions and aggregation design


MDX queries
SSRS reports on multidimensional and tabular cubes
Excel pivot tables
PowerPivot and DAX


Backing up and restoring star schemas
Backing up and restoring cubes
Slowly-changing dimensions
Incremental updates

SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (1 day, Friday)


Integration services (SSIS)
Control Flow toolbox overview
Data Flow toolbox (ETL) overview

Control Flow

Package variables
Script Task
Execute SQL Task
Send Mail Task
WMI Event Watcher Task
Sequence Container
Foreach Loop Container

Data Flow

Sources, destinations, and transformations
Data Viewers
Conditional Split transformation
Derived Column transformation
Lookup transformation (with caching, Sort and Merge transformations)
Fuzzy Grouping transformation


Deploying packages
Executing packages with dtexec and stored procedures
Scheduling packages with SQL Server Agent
Configuring packages
Logging packages


JBI training course London UK

Anyone interested in getting raw data to the end user as information that has integrity, is retrieved quickly and requires little or no programming. Developers and analysts who need to design and build reports. Administrators who wish to deploy and manage reports.

4.8 out of 5 average

"Our tailored course provided a well rounded introduction and also covered some intermediate level topics that we needed to know. Clive gave us some best practice ideas and tips to take away. Fast paced but the instructor never lost any of the delegates"

Brian Leek, Data Analyst, May 2022

“JBI  did a great job of customizing their syllabus to suit our business  needs and also bringing our team up to speed on the current best practices. Our teams varied widely in terms of experience and  the Instructor handled this particularly well - very impressive”

Brian F, Team Lead, RBS, Data Analysis Course, 20 April 2022



JBI training course London UK
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