JavaScript for Sharpoint Developers training course

Create a Dynamic Sharepoint user experience with Javascript

Next 7 June (Remote)
2 days £1,495.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • Evaluate JavaScript options for SharePoint
  • Write and deploy SharePoint friendly JavaScript 
  • Use JavaScript to access SharePoint information via its REST services 
  • Code SharePoint Add-Ins using Visual Studio
  • Create SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web parts
  • Embed JQueryUI, Angular, and React in SPFx web parts 
  • Test and deploy SharePoint JavaScript customizations  


This Hands-On JavaScript for Sharepoint training course provides an intensive introduction to the essential syntax, features and capabilities provided by JavaScript, as needed to be applied to a Sharepoint application.

SharePoint users and developers constantly seek ways to make SharePoint both more interactive and better able to relay mission critical information. At the same time, modern web application design discourages frequent full page reloads, and encourages interfaces which leverage JavaScript and behind the scenes service calls to provide a more dynamic user experience. In this training course, students gain hands-on experience creating and deploying JavaScript enabled applications into either on-premise SharePoint servers or into Office 365.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Sharepoint Users and Developers who would like to learn to apply Javascript coding into their applications


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Introduction and Overview

    Motivation behind increased JavaScript usage in SharePoint sites
    Evaluate JavaScript inclusion options for SharePoint
    Review basic JavaScript syntax and usage
    Debugging JavaScript

Dynamically Including SharePoint Data With JavaScript

    Core jQuery

    Basics of using jQuery
    Understanding jQuery selectors
    Updating the live HTML DOM using jQuery

    SharePoint REST services

    REST service basics
    Using jQuery to access SharePoint services
    Basic SharePoint service operations
    Accessing lists and list items
    Working with document library files and folders

Creating SharePoint Hosted Add-Ins

    SharePoint add-in basics

    Differentiating SharePoint and provider hosted add-ins
    Configuring the development environment
    Creating and deploying SharePoint Add-Ins with Visual Studio
    Using add-ins to create lists and document libraries
    Creating custom pages

 Accessing SharePoint data with JSOM

    Understanding the JavaScript Object Model for SharePoint
    Accessing SharePoint data with JSOM
    Working with lists items
    Uploading and downloading document libraries files

Incorporating Angular Components Into SharePoint

    Angular architecture

    Simplifying the web user interface
    Configuring an Angular development environment
    Understanding Angular in the SharePoint world

Creating Angular components

    Coding in TypeScript
    Creating the component view through the template
    Conditional and repeating html elements
    Controlling component functionality through the typescript file
    Injecting shared resources

Third party libraries

    Incorporating third party Angular components
    Adding charts and graphs to SharePoint pages

    Adding JavaScript to Branded SharePoint Sites

    Branding basics for SharePoint
    Incorporating JavaScript into custom SharePoint brands


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