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AI & Data Science


What we do

Hire us and we'll create an end-to-end AI solution to help transform your business, be it in Sales, Marketing, Predictive Analysis, improved operations....

We bring a commercial approach to the use of AI in business , enabling your company to tap into unique AI skills and expertise previously reserved for just a few research labs and a small number of early adopters.

We will assign a "Data Team" to you for the duration of the project - they will work with you to define and create a bespoke AI solution, including:

  • Strategy Development
  • Architecture & system design
  • Solution, scenario and application planning
  • Applied research & state-of-art algorithm development
  • End-to-end application data pipelines
  • Big data infrastructure & integration
  • Data engineering & preparation with profiling/clustering tools
  • Real-time analytics, continuous learning and monitoring using our real-time  computational engine
  • BI & visualization

Our Experience

  • Deep Learning, classification and clustering
  • Recommended engines & behaviou profiling
  • Prediction, projection, outlier detection
  • Text analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Application of the above in the real world

Our expertise

A world class team of 15 Data Scientists and Engineers who have the skills and experience to help you define the business problem and transform your vision into a commercially operational AI platform that actually works and delivers a tangible ROI.

Case Study 1 : Driving impact with actionable AI

A leading provider of monetization and distribution solutions for app developers, software developers, mobile carriers & device manufacturers.

Challenge & Solution
The Client's business goal was to improve the yield of software distribution campaigns.
During the project our Data Team tested different modeling techniques, performed feature engineering, trained models on larger datasets and explored historical data to model new potential features.

Our Data Team identified issues with the existing model’s data training process, improving model accuracy by 7% & contributing significantly to associated business metrics.

Case Study 2 : Data Driven Marketing

Global, on-demand mobility company, connecting customers with transportation, goods and services

Challenge & Solution
The Client's business goal was to optimize its marketing efforts using advanced data analytics capabilities. Throughout various projects, our Data Team’s team empowered Gett’s advanced analytics team with education & mentorship, focusing on customer satisfaction, driver-profiling, churn prediction, dynamic pricing etc.

Significant improvement in key business metrics & improved customer satisfaction

Case Study 3 :Reducing customer churn

An online Social Casino games company

Challenge & Solution
The performance of the current traditional machine learning methods reached its maximum rate but business needs drove more improvement.

we have designed, built and deployed a Deep Learning architecture that exercised various models, and algorithms. New model significantly improves the current, traditional one and thus improves the business outcomes.

Case Study 4 : Predictive Maintenance

Global leader in digital press systems. “Hardware DNA” transforming to software and services

Challenge & Solution
increasing machines uptime, utilization and yield.
utilizing available data to improve performance and establish more revenue opportunities

applied predictive analytics on various data streams (thousands of sensors, log files, events, services calls), several simple predictive maintenance actions can increase uptime in few % result in tens of thousands $$ per machine per year. now in transition to larger scale experimentation

Case Study 5 : Fleet Management Analytics

IoT based solution for fleet management

Challenge & Solution
Offer advanced analytics platform on top of the hardware and data collection capabilities.

Design till productization via exploration, modeling and experimentation. Driver and vehicle profiling,
anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, driving efficiency and safety etc.

Case Study 6 : Advanced BI maintenance

Leading BI provider

Challenge & Solution
product’s next-gen. develop advanced analytics engine for highlighting interesting, previously unseen insights within millions of possible combinations .

Analytics platform that scans `BI Cube` with dozens of dimensions, each of which containing hundreds possible features, yielding altogether >100M possible combinations, various time dependent models (e.g., trends, correlations, anomalies). Real time. Model built and tested on 75M combinations Performance improved from 3 minutes to 15 seconds. Foundation of the next-gen product .

Case Study 7 : AI in Finance

The consumer Division of one of the world’s largest financial groups/Banks.

Challenge & Solution
detect suspicious payments (fraud + mistake) done by corporate clients;

established data-driven, multi-dimensi onal, dynamic profiles and applying anomaly detection
algorithms to find deviations analysis of millions of payments for dozens of early adopter clients shows great value. product is being deployed for tier ones and next version is being developed.

Case Study 8 : User behaviour analytics for cyber

software company offering a platform that allows organizations to track, visualize, analyze and protect their data; serving thousands of big clients, with a line of products for monitoring, governing IT activities    
Challenge & Solution
develop UBA engine for identifying abnormal insiders activities.
built an end-to-end, from concept to productization data driven modules Profiling
Anomaly detection
Multi-variant complex scenarios
defined roadmap, evaluation and graduation from exploration, PoC via Pilot to productization already in production.

Case Study 9 : IoT Analytics

Multinational energy and services company. Its principal activity is the supply of electricity and
gas to businesses and consumers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and North America

Challenge & Solution
sensor measuring electrical activities of circuits and uploads data to a cloud. Provide insights related to
energy consumptions.

led the company’s analytics solution from inception to productization
Developed an automatically detect device operational state based on real time energy data
Device and circuit classification, anomaly and meta-state detection, data-driven quality assurance of the sensors, currently in production.



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