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Unlocking Insights: How Tableau Training Transformed a Broadcaster’s Data Analysis

20 October 2023

Unlocking Insights: How Tableau Training Transformed a Broadcaster’s Data Analysis


As one of the UK’s leading broadcasters, the company holds a vast trove of audience, programming, operations, and financial data. However, its analytics team struggled to extract meaningful insights from this data using their outdated reporting tools. Data analysis was slow, cumbersome, and failed to provide the business intelligence needed to guide programming, operations and strategy.

To empower its analytics team, the broadcaster partnered with top Tableau training provider JBI Training. Over 4 intensive days, an expert instructor shared their Tableau expertise with the team through lectures, demos, and hands-on exercises analysing the company’s real data.

The focused Tableau training proved transformative, equipping the analytics team with in-demand data visualization and dashboarding skills. Participants gained proficiency in Tableau while learning how to apply its advanced analytical capabilities to broadcasting KPIs like viewership, revenue, production costs, and audience engagement.

Course Structure

The 4-day Tableau training program balanced interactive lectures with immersive hands-on activities. Key modules included:

  • Tableau Essentials: User interface, tools, visual best practices
  • Connecting to Data: Accessing disparate data sources
  • Data Blending: Combining data for unified analysis
  • Advanced Visualizations: Custom, interactive and mapping charts
  • Dashboard Design: Building guided analytics stories
  • Analytics Extensions: Statistical, mapping and data prep tools
  • Governance and Scaling: Security, administration, collaboration

Real-World Exercises

During the course, participants completed collaborative exercises where they utilized Tableau to analyze the company’s real data and produce broadcast insights. For example, they combined viewership, programming, and market data to analyze audience trends. Using steps like:

  1. Connecting to multiple data sources
  2. Blending content, scheduling, ratings, and market data
  3. Building interactive viewership maps and customizations
  4. Creating dashboards correlating programming to audience share
  5. Adding market filters and statistical forecasting

This exercise provided hands-on experience with Tableau’s analytical features while deriving insights to guide programming decisions. Exercises developed skills participants could apply to deliver high-impact analytics.

Tableau Desktop | Connect, analyze, and visualize any data


The 4-day bootcamp equipped the analytics team with skills that delivered immediate dividends:

  • Team members gained expertise in using Tableau’s full suite of analytical features.
  • They can now rapidly generate sharable, visually engaging reports and dashboards.
  • Analysis is more efficient, collaborative, and impactful with guided analytics stories.
  • The team provides cross-departmental visibility into audience behavior and market dynamics.
  • Data-driven decisions on programming, operations, and investments are enabled.
  • With drag-and-drop ease, any team member can conduct ad hoc analyses without depending on IT.
  • Valuable insights that were previously buried are now revealed and actionable.
  • Management gained an intuitive analytics tool to track KPIs and emerging trends.

With Tableau skills from a leading trainer, the broadcaster’s analytics team was empowered to unlock the full intelligence within their data. Their organization gained an analytics function capable of delivering transformative data-driven insights that drive growth, performance, and competitive advantage.


The 4-day Tableau training delivered an extremely high ROI for our data analytics team. The tailored content, expert instruction, and practical focus provided skills we could immediately apply to transform how we extract and share data insights.

Participants remarked at how intuitive Tableau is compared to previous tools, allowing faster and more impactful analysis. The instructor's depth of knowledge, patience, and passion for the material made the training highly effective and enjoyable.

The team is eager to continue building on this Tableau foundation with additional training to expand their skills. The hands-on exposure whet their appetite to master advanced analytics, customizations, and extensions that will make our data analysis function world-class.

Working with the team JBI Training has developed a complete plan for their objectives. 

Next Steps

  • Schedule follow-up training on advanced Tableau features like forecasting, geospatial analysis, and data preparation to build on fundamental skills.
  • Expand access to additional team members so more can conduct self-service analytics with Tableau. With new employees and  graduates placed on JBI Trainings Tableau training course.
  • Identify high-value business problems to analyze with Tableau, showcasing its capabilities.
  • Training in R - Reporting & Dashboards with Shiny from JBI Training a team has been dedicated to setting up governance processes and standards for published reports and dashboards.
  • Develop a library of reusable data sources, templates, and visualizations.
  • Implement Tableau Server for scalable analytics content management and distribution. on JBI Trainings Tableau Analyst - Beyond the Basics
  • Integrate Tableau with ML data pipelines with  AI/ML  course platforms for automated analytics.
  • Train a section of the team in Tableau Creator - Server / Online
  • Training provided in Power BI - Beyond the Basics

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