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18 December 2017

Agile & Scrum Training - 2 Reasons for Developers to be using Scrum (Part 1)

Scrum is an agile framework for incremental product development. Scrum is built around the concept of ‘iteration’, as cycles are repeated until all customer requirements have been implemented. Emerging in a 1986 study about successful product development processes, Scrum has become one of the most popular software development frameworks to date, resulting the the emergence of many Scrum courses

Simple to learn and easy to use

Scrum can be easily introduced in an organisation through scrum training online, as a result of the clear methodology of the framework and explicit roles that are defined and taught in agile scrum training:

  1. The product owner is responsible for providing the product vision, requirements to create the desired product, and business value of each one of these requirements for the customer. Furthermore, the product owner should have a clear vision about the final product and how it should work.

2. The team is ideally made up of between 3 and 9 members, and are the people responsible for building the product. Teams should be cross-functional and self-organized, and should possess all the relevant skills and knowledge needed to develop the product. They must also be prepared for and adaptable to change.

3. The Scrum Master is a unique position, and differentiates Scrum from many other methods of agile implementation. With an excellent knowledge of Scrum, the objective of the Scrum Master is to help and support the team and the product owner in applying Scrum, as well as answering questions and doubts about the use of the framework, and protecting the Scrum team from distractions.

This makes Scrum very easy to learn and use, and can allow any business to train their employees how to use the framework with a simple Scrum course.

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